The fire raged on, the sinful castle was completely destroyed.

She stared blankly at the dancing flame, unable to stand the torment of the heartache.

She dropped the damp cloak onto the floor, like willing angel who ridded her wings.

Without looking back she ran toward the raging corridors, her eyes were filled with determined emotions. The light from the fire made her features seemed more exquisite than usual, taking the breath away from every spectator.

Kendal grabbed her wrist in an attempt to stop her from the suicidal decision. Even with her trained strength and skill, Kendal almost couldn't hold on to the woman. In this moment of danger and despair all her usual softness and gentleness had melted away.

Determination radiated from her very being, Kendal then knew, nobody standing here could changed her mind, moral and justice was now miles away.

"Don't go, the corridor is collapsing! There are no chances that Careilo could have survived!" she screamed amongst the raging building, her voice was hoarse from the smoke.

Fielia smiled gently, "I cannot leave him. I have to go back and save him." She struggled her hand free from Kendal's grasp. She was still smiling; she looked helpless yet extremely determined.

Kendal shook her head, "Don't be stupid, you will die in there. Why do you want to do this? He is only a criminal."

Fielia sighed; she then looked into Kendal eyes and saw a similar struggle in them as to her own.

The panicking screams covered down her voice, " Maybe death for him and I would be a better way out. At least then I don't have to suffer like before, I don't' have to drown myself into doubts and guilt because I'm in love with a sinful man."

Her gaze drifted to Leiwen who was standing behind Kendal. Her smile became deeper and more helpless. "I understand that death is even too light a sentence on him. If I had any moral in me, I should execute him myself, but I am not that noble, I am but a woman… He loves me. Because of me, he risked his life on numerous occasions. How can there ever be another who love me as much as he does?"

She turned and slowly walked into the furious flames. It was the most exquisite yet painful scene.

Nothing, nobody could stop her from reaching him, not even morals and values, which had planted themselves firmly into her head since the day she was born. Under the treat of death, she realized clearly that she loved him deeply, even if his hands were stained with the blood of the innocents. Even If loving him means that she had to fall into hell with him, she would not regret in doing so. She knew that the scenery in hell would be the colour of his icy blue eyes.

"Fielia!" Kendal screamed, but the collapsing of the walls soon deafened her scream.

Fielia did not turn back. She continued to walk in the smoldering corridor. Smoke reeked from every corner. The once magnificent castle crumbled rapidly, the fire licked every inch of the ground destroying the priceless furniture and ornaments. The wicked castle soon became a living hell and fire lake of the underworld. She coughed as she walked along the passage, her eyes watering from the smoke, her heart panicked even more. Pains like needles were piercing at her heart, a feeling that she had felt four years ago on that night when she had once left him. Only until now, did she admit to herself that her heart ached for him a long time before the present.

A great column fell down in front of her, missing her be the width of a hair, the pieces flew in all directions. She still cannot find him; panic overwhelmed her already troubled heart.

Even if he was trained to be stronger that the common people how far could a wounded person go? She does not want to loose him, she preyed that death would not take him, not after she had finally realized her heart.

The smoke numbed her sense, she finally found a flight of stairs but she could not walk on any longer. She stayed be the foot of the stairs curled up her body and breathed greedily of the oxygen that had remained.

Where is he? Why couldn't she find him? She asked herself repeatedly, tears fell down from her cheek onto the blackened floor. The roof had already collapsed, the moon hung clearly in the black sky like a scimitar, ready to draw blood.

Just like the night that began it all, the moon hung like the edge of a sword.

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