Grandfather Clock

It looms tall and proud above me,

As the faces looks down to taunt me

And the ticking starts to drown me,

It watches twinkling as I fall.

Memories from my past dissolving,

The clicking hands go round not stopping

All the seasons quickly dropping,

While I lose the chance to know and feel wahts mine.

Across the earth it's proudly beating

Followed by the incessant ticking

While the hands keep slowly clicking

And I long to punch the face and stop the rhyme.

And the years fly by unceasing,

What I care for slowly leaving

But my heart still keeps on beating

Leaving a shell of broken hearts and empty minds

I know the heavy dong is dinging,

Hours pass without me hearing.

I never look up, I'm never hearing

Praying that its the last time I hear the chime