Her Little Masquerade

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Saturday,February the 7th,when Kelly Hunt and her sorority sisters at Cleveland State University had been invited to a huge party by a new student named Hillary Thodberg,whose father just happened to be one of the biggest multimillionaires in the entire state of Ohio.

But it was after they had arrived at the party that things had really gotten to be interesting,for when she had noticed one of the most handsomest guys in the entire room and walked over to him,in order to introduce herself to him.

However,as soon as he had turned towards Kelly and asked for her name,she had gotten nervous and told him that her name was Juliette Wolfenden.

And then,after he had let out a smile and told her that his name was Erik Carter,one of the members of the grundge rock group known as Cyberfrog,Kelly had suddenly realized that she was able to pull off her little masquerade and still be able to enjoy herself.

But that was until Hillary's parents had returned home early and saw that she was having a party without their permission,that everything has started to fall apart on everybody.

And it had also caused poor Kelly to tell Erik what her real name was and apologize for having lied to him.

But after she had done so,Erik had told her that he really doesn't care,for he had finally found his one true love and he wants to stay with her--forever.