Pieces of Yesterday

Sometimes I get caught in the dream
To be left alone
To be free from the fate of time
And stand tall on my own

I found pieces of yesterday
In puddles on the street
They must have fallen with the rain
Broken shards under feet

Every storm brings to me the past
Every road brings me back
Some things are meant to be silent
Forever painted black

I found pieces of yesterday
With the birds in the sky
Gliding on the winds of my grief
Which I knew could not fly

Common are the tears that have fallen
Common is the sorrow
But never does the sadness soar
Without wings to borrow

I found pieces of yesterday
In the sands by the sea
Glowing with a dangerous thought
Temptation calling me

Find comfort in familiar words
Find warmth in what they say
But find no love in whispered verse
Or hope for which to pray

I found pieces of yesterday
Buried under my dreams
Twisted and tied with my nightmares
Will someone hear my screams?

I realize there's no escape
No direction to run
The past in caught up in today
I'm stuck with what I've done

Its about trying to escape the past and the fact that we just can't. Not much else to say.
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-Terra Tigra-