Tracks in the Ice

Tendrils of frozen fury

Creep across

Walking on water

As the first drops fall

A curse from heaven

Wrapping everything in beauty

And death

Beneath the sad and invisible moon

Trudging slowly, old and frigid

Head bowed against rending winds

Sun rises out of sight

Light penetrates to reflect

Almost in pain

Off solid white

Grass still green beneath

In a parody of life

Brightly colored

Moving on

I missed their crossing

But behind them is a wake

Of what was crushed

In a mindless journey

To somewhere?

I am unsure

But the damage is done

And curious, I follow

The tracks to the unknown

But following, crushing

Nothing new

Brings me only where I've been

Familiar, used, known

And cowardly

Looking out across

The fields of life stilled

I want to be brave

Go where none have followed

But too…

I know…

To go…

Is to crush a life

Hoping like I hope

To grow in peace

So I wonder…

Do I go

Fulfill my dreams

Or do I let

Another live

And let myself be crushed?