Love is a wonderful thing
It gives you hope
It gives you wings

Love makes things right
And brings faith
Into the spotlight

Well, I say screw love!
Yeah, you heard me
Fuck cupid from above
He must not know how to see

Or at least how to aim
Cause I'm still losing
In this twisted love game
So now all I say is

Screw the hearts
The cheery faces
Let's burn down
The sappy places

Dammit, teddy bears
Make me sick
And pardon me
If my eye begins to tick

At the sight of a valentine
And hearing lonely girls
Whine and whine
About the winter dance

Listen to me
Lonely people
You don't have to be
So depressed

Do what I do
Fuck the formal dress
Can't you get a clue?
No one cares

Least of all guys
And those who stare
Should all die
Love sucks

And so does cupid
Heed my advice
And don't be so stupid
Simply say fuck love

And the horse it rode in on
Stop worrying and stressing
Tomorrow those feelings will be gone
Forget makeup and dressing

Throw you hands into the air
And do a little dance
Tonight is your
Last chance

To be just a girl
No thought of love
Or of the world
Because, who needs love?

*A/N* I just wanted to clarify something about this poem. This poem is
about how everyone starts freaking out or getting depressed about
Valentine's Day if they don't have a special someone-and you shouldn't buy
into that. Just because you don't have a date to the Winter Dance or no one
bought you flowers doesn't mean you're doomed to die a spinster. You should
have fun on Valentine's Day and stop stressing about love. Some people
thought this poem was saying love in general is a bad thing, but that's not
it at all. It's saying that you don't need to be in love to enjoy life.and
that Valentine's Day is highly overrated (but that's a whole different
story, so I'm not even going there).