Ooh, something new for everyone to enjoy! This will run almost as a parallel to Dual Megami by whosyourmegami, my wonderful Moni-chan to whom I owe many thanks. Now, enjoy!

          A crumbling wall, a failing hope. A decaying tower, a lost battle. All that was left of the great empire was smoldering ruins. The battle had happened decades before, a fierce fight between good and evil, which had taken the lives of almost everyone involved. And yet, with all the misery and destruction of this tale, hope still exists. Around the falling towers, roses had wound their way to the top, growing free and majestic. They brought life to a world full of death.

        History has a way of repeating itself. In the past, the Allethan Empire had been in control of the land, and its people. Just and kind, the rulers reigned in peace for 400 years. However, their weak army led to their destruction: the Olligathes, a strong roaming army, set their eyes on the land…and the women. Blinded by lust and greed, the Olligathes ravaged the empire and burned it to the ground. The Allethans were not able to hold back the army of desperate men; the palace fell, the women were raped, the empire was destroyed. Once everything was taken, the Olligathes left the survivors for dead.

        But the will to survive should never been doubted. Those that survived would not let go of their dreams. They retreated into the rubble, determined to outlast any trial. For 10 years they battled the elements, including famine and disease. Everyday they prayed for a miracle, one that would rebuild their empire and bring back peace.

        One day a stranger entered the fallen land. A wild rose, banned from a kingdom; a goddess turned from her home. A young girl, with curls as wild as a storm and eyes alight with electricity.

        She looked at the ruins with heavy heart. This was to be her home? Her eyes filled with tears but shed none; she had already spent her time in mourning. She would weep no more for them.

        A prophecy had foretold her future, the ancient hand of cruelty dealing out the cards of fate: "You will be called out from the storm, a raging sea of destruction. You will know not the feeling of love from the one who bore you. You will destroy the home you know, and will be destroyed by the one that loves you."

        For this she had been banished from the only home she had ever known.

        She stepped onto the rubble with caution, praying it would not come crashing down around her. The failing palace groaned under her weight, and she ran quickly for higher ground. "Though stone may crumble around me, I will never fall." A promise kept, a will renewed.

        Suddenly a figure darted out of the ruin. The girl spun and sprinted after her, quickly catching up with her. The child wiggled and cried, desperate to be released.

        "Where did you come from?" the girl demanded, fearing an army to fight. The child looked away defiantly, crossing her arms while her mouth exploded into a large pout.

        The girl bit back a laugh, something the child did not expect. As she looked up into the eyes of her captive, she recognized the power within.

        "Megami!" The child jumped down and fell to one knee in reverence. Soon other people, watching the spectacle, came out of the ruin. One man stood in front of the others, eyes full of suspicion.

        "Why does she bow to you? Who are you?"

        The girl rose against such animosity. "I am Aoku. I do not know why she bows before me."

        The child leapt to her feet. "Megami! Megami!" She pointed at Aoku furiously as she spoke. She ran up to the girl and jumped at her.

        Aoku took a step back in shock. As she moved, her eyes betrayed her: light blue eyes gave way to white hot lightning. Electricity radiated off her muscular body, releasing a burst of energy strong enough to send a tremor through the earth. The worn soil split in two, giving birth to a fury of lightning. It burst from its prison and liquefied, rolling dangerously over the ground like hot lava. The people cried out in terror as the liquid lightning raced towards the ruins. It was all they had left…

        Suddenly Aoku snapped out of her shock and raised her hand. Immediately the lightning solidified into steel. The young child ran forward and touched it with her toes. To her delight it was completely solid; she stepped on top and began to dance.

        Aoku let out a laugh and relaxed. The people cheered and clapped as the children danced, glad for peace to be attained once more. Then the children fell to one knee before Aoku.

        "Megami!" Aoku stood with her mouth in a firm line, ready to defend herself against her elders, but they fell before her as well.

        "Megami, help us. Protect us. Bring us peace."

        Aoku closed her eyes and let her head fall heavenward. She raised her arms, palms flat, fingers poised. An ethereal light began to glow from within her, raising the wind around her.

        "I am Arashi no Megami, Goddess of the Storm. I will build your city and protect your people. I will bring peace to this weathered land with your trust in me."

        As the light faded, Aoku opened her eyes and lowered her arms. She looked down to her now-treasured friend, the child who had brought her to the people. "What is your name?"

        The child smiled reverently. "Yoshimi."

        Aoku laughed. "You are truly a happy beauty, young Yoshimi."

        Only Yoshimi noticed that her eyes had not returned to their normal light blue. They remained an angry white, something not to be tampered with. Aoku was still a wild, lonely rose, a storm raging against the cold cruelty of the earth. Her immense power had yet to test the icy waters that reigned over the human heart, hiding a dangerous emotion that could destroy the world.