Journeying Song


Cold and whispering the wind has blown
Through wide and silent halls of stone,
We flee defeat, with weary feet
Through shadowed woods in lands unknown.

We look for a house and a hardy meal,
A good sleep and a song ideal,
Or to have a drink, and sit and think,
Our bellies to fill, our wounds to heal.

Now over a hill we walk this day
Under darkened sky, and clouds of grey
To find our home, long we roam,
Until again we pass away.

And when we near our old abode,
Our stomachs rumble, our pace is slowed,
A light is seen, a candle sheen,
We wander down a familiar road.

Wrapped in blankets, before the fire we lie,
Stomachs full, we heave a sigh,
The end is won, our journey done,
Then to the past we say goodbye.