The young nation still mourned the loss of such a brilliant military leader and a founding father. His dream was to see this country free, only to become a martyr at it's expense. The fight for independence lasted long after his death; soldiers fighting in spirit of their long lost commander conquered the British in a viscous and bloody campaign never to be rivaled by a modern war. His unfortunate death helped bring independence from Britain, but condemned the new nation. Because, on they day they hung the sniper that shot him from his tall white horse, was also King Alexander Hamilton's Crowning. I have often said, that in a land of kings, power will lie in the hands of the fool. Unfortunately, this happens to be a land of many fools. A great spectrum of them inhabit all statuses of people, stretching from the omnipotent king to the uneducated servant who cleans his filth. Like a fly in a spiders web, I was once caught in the spectrum. It was not until my psuedo-freedom was abruptly taken from me, that my eyes saw for the very first time. Freedom cannot exist until we are not governed by the common themselves. Many countries have tried to break away from monarchy, alas they have all failed miserably and led their country to destruction. There must be an evolution of revolution. Freedom does not come free. But, for right now, I am a loud voice being choked by the laryngitis called monarchy. I shall never obtain freedom so as long as I live in this land of fool kings. This kingdom we call America.