The criminals knocking at the door
Of the house of refugees poor,
Demanding food and money and more;
These awful men, they made you mad.
The rest of us, we got away;
You alone, the one to stay
And set upon them, fit to slay,
For they were truly worse than bad.
And when the dirty deed was done
And you alone had clearly won,
You set out for another one,
Much younger now: a lad.
A howl across the darkened sky
Announced that you were quite nearby
And Dean, I think, began to cry
With fear that made him sad.
Oh, Rose, I thought she meant to kill;
The fear in my mind lingers still;
With her sword raised, what was her will?
For fear can drive one mad.
Harry, I will never know
Why him you seem to anger so
Within his eyes, I saw the glow;
Wasn't he friends with your dad?
This group I might not understand
How their fear got out of hand;
Though they may run, by you I'll stand,
The only one, and ever glad.