~* A/N about my precious cat Arwen (yes, I am a fan of LOTR's, although you
wouldn't guess that from all the posters on 3 out of 4 of my walls-my mum
isn't happy-). A/N *~

She snuggles in the small of my stomach,

Her paw less than my hand,

She reaches out and pats my cheek,

Content purring,

Her tongue hangs out slightly as she looks up at me,

He eyes shine with a hidden knowledge,

A human trapped in a cat's body,

Her paw, my hand, reach out and hold.

A human trapped,

Or just a cat,

So small and fragile,

Yet full of fight,

Years that have passed,

And will come to pass,

She leaves me,

The human that is,

From the body of a cat.

By Siobhan
Date: 8/Febuary/2004