I can't be around you any more
I dont want to see your pretty face
with it's hidden innocene you wear as mask
and those eyes, my god, they pierce my heart
and enter my soul with their powerful gaze.

I'm such a mess when you're near
I remember what we did all too well
and long for your embrace to continue
where we last left off
but I can't do that again
so your pretty face hurts me more and more
with every glance you make and with every wink

Your face says to me,
just one more time
just one more kiss
just one more touch
can't I be granted these?
But no is my answer

That wasn't love we had
that was so much lust that wanted to be love
but it could never be it in a million years
I wanted your attention, your love, and affection
but you'll just leave me and move on to the next victim
so be be gone young succubus
because I know I can never truly have you love me
you'll just leave me empty and spent shell of a man
and i dont need that so let me never ever
see your pretty face again.

A/N: read at A Latte Books 2-12-04