The Invisible Girl
An invisible girl,
An invisible heart,
Alone in the world,
Playing her part.
The smallest of roles,
and no one could see;
They didn't know
what she could be.
Love was not for
the Invisible Girl;
no one could see
the invisible pearl.
The Invisible Girl,
She can scream and shout
But no one can hear
what she wants to let out.
Because she's so in love
she can barely see straight;
she thinks to herself,
"Wouldn't it be great
if someone like me
could be loved in return?
If, through all my faults,
true beauty could burn?"
And she continues to love,
Although she's realized
that she's nothing more
than a girl in his eyes.
He's already found
the love of his dreams;
the Invisible Girl has no chance,
so it seems.
But she still loves on,
because she still knows
that he's a wonderful guy,
even though she's exposed
The way that she feels,
But she cannot expect
him to feel the same,
and still she hopes, yet.
Sometimes I wish
you weren't in my world,
because when I'm with you,
I'm the Invisible Girl.