Lying in the darkness,
Waiting for a sign,
All the pressures of the day
weigh heavy on my mind.
I'm tossing and I'm turning,
I can't seem to get free
of this nightmarish dream-world
That's taken hold of me.
I feel lost, feel so alone,
I don't know what to do.
Then, from somewhere in my dream,
I manage to find you.
You reach out to soothe me,
Kiss my face and hold my hand,
Everything is perfect; like
part of some greater plan.
You make me feel like someone
More than just the everyday,
Even throughout all my faults,
You love me anyway.
And just when all is perfect,
When I am in perfect bliss,
A shadow crosses my bright horizon;
Something is amiss.
That's just when I remember
No matter how strong I feel,
This is just my wishful thinking;
None of this is real.
All too soon morning will come,
I'll be wakened by sunbeams,
And all I'll be left is a memory
Of a beautiful, perfect dream.