Author's Note: This "song" is to be sung by a girl, for the most part.
There is a guy's part: it begins at the * and ends at the **, at which
point the girl resumes singing. Thank you, and please enjoy.

"Rebel Angel, gazing back at me,
Your dark imprisoned soul, longing to be free,
Your wings are broken, but still your heart can fly,
If this hell is what you call a life, you're living a lie;
"But no matter what you do,
Through good and bad times, I will carry you,
"You're my life, but still you'll be the death of me,
You're gentle, but you're tough, and you've got a dark beauty.
My Rebel Angel, you're leather and you're lace;
I long to hold and touch you; I long to kiss your face.
You're everything I know is wrong, but yet it feels so right,
So come on, my Rebel Angel; let's disappear into the night."
"If I'm your Rebel Angel, you're my queen of the night.
I'm ready to join you; I've lost the will to fight.
I'll give up my life of darkness, if that's what you want of me;
My goddess and my savior, hear my hopeful plea.
"I'm nothing without you,
just a slave to the shadows; but then when I'm feeling blue,
you say-"
((Repeat Chorus))