The Wizard and The Dragon

The dragon sat on the top of the hill, waiting for a sudden doom,
Thinking of what would happen, oh if only he knew.
The people from the village came to plunder,
But what they saw, oh, the wonder.
For the wizard had come on the Dragon's behalf,
To save his life with the power of his staff.

The wizard and the Dragon were friends before the womb,
And they would not let this friendship end in terrible Doom.
This Dragon was not evil, and kept to himself
Living up on the mountain shelf.
The wizard shouted "Why have you come?"
But the question was heard only to some.
Though one said "We have come for the Dragon's silver and gold!"
For their hearts were all bitterly cold.
""But I have no gold, silver, and not many earthly possessions for that
matter."" The Dragon replied.
At that everyone started running toward the wizard and the home which was
the Dragon's,
And oh what a terrible sight of the army of pagans.
They came upon them like water on fire,
The wizard already beginning to tire.
It took him a great deal of power to hold off this crowd,
And every bit of thread was torn off his shroud.
The people were hacking the poor wyrm with axes and swords,
Then pulling his veins out as if they were metal cords.
The Dragon said "Oh what evil did I ever do to deserve such a terrible fate
as this?"
But it was no more than a shout into the abyss.
After many hours of hopeless toils,
The Dragon fell into a huge heap of coils.
As the Dragon fell into Darkness,
He felt a sudden pang of sharpness.
The wizard lay beside him cold and dead,
And the dragon soon joined him as he lay in a pool of liquid that was
a deep color red.
The friends were together at last
In Paradise when time would never pass.