Reflections In January ~~~~~~~

the end of January was no time for anyone to be outside. But she was sitting on the large rock a few feet away from a small cliff over looking the town. From far way, she seemed like nothing more than a ball of black. But once you were closer, you could make out the figure of a teenaged girl. She couldn't have been older than fourteen. She was small, but something about her made her seemed older.

Her gaze was far off. She was lost in thoughts of the past. How long had it been? Three years. Three years since she fell in love for the first time. Three years since her heart was broken for the first time. And three years since she gained the maturity that now surrounded her.

He had been so different. She was attracted to him instantly. And as she got to know him, she only fell deeper and deeper. But that was all over now, all that remains are the marks of pain. Because of him, she has grown up quickly and learned so much about pain and rejection.

But with the maturity came the knowledge that she loved him and he did not return her feelings. And the knowledge that she would always hurt this way. She hoped that time would bring her one gift. She wanted the ability to accept this and keep on living despite it.

But she was only given half that gift. She had yet to accept this. But she was still living, barely. She scraped by, clinging to yesterdays.