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"The fountain of the gods?" The bartender, a fat man with a dirty apron, scratched his head. "No, I can't say I've ever heard of it."

"And has anyone in the bar mentioned it?" The man's gesture of denial did not surprise Nera. Too often she had been turned away empty-handed, without any gossip to show for her efforts. Even when she did get some morsel of information, it was some obscure reference to an unlikely tale that usually contradicted the stories she'd already heard. So far, she had been informed that the fountain of the gods was a temple to water spirits in a high mountain, a well that only appeared in a closet at midnight, a euphemism for a toilet, and the idea that all divinity could be found in one's own tears.

Travel-weary, she was beginning to miss human company. But the bars she so often frequented were not home to many friendly folk. She dared not stay in one town for too long, for the story of Conan's death was still spreading in her wake, and she feared it would catch up with her. So she moved from one place to the next, always seeking knowledge and never finding it.


The next day, Nera rose early. She quickly gathered her few things and set out. Staring at the sunny sky, she debated where to go. North was the quickest way to the next town, but east led past a large traveler's shop, and she needed supplies.

Still brooding, she watched a hawk circle a large building and come to rest on its roof. Suddenly she began to laugh. Here was the answer to all her worries! Shaking her head at her own foolishness, she walked up the steps and into the library.

At first she felt uncomfortable and out of place. The library was dark and quiet, with only an old lady dozing in the corner. Tiptoeing past her, Nera began searching the books for anything that would help her. A bright yellow book caught her eye, a work of history that detailed the beginnings of Parepia's earliest civilizations. Taking it, she settled into one of the many overstuffed chairs and began to read.


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