House of Hell

Part 5: Paris, City of lights, Romance and Death

The flight was good, We landed at 2 am. We were tired and tramatized. We got off the plane and looked for a place to stay, we walked around Paris for the entire nogt, we drank cofee and lots of it, and i took up smoking as a way to relax, nothing really mattered to me anymore. My best friend is dead and the other is too scared to talk. At around noon the same day we were on the edge of our seats from nerv, we saw something we wished wed never see again. howd it follow us wht was it after. it was in broad daylight and was attcking a woman. The franch police imedialy opened fire on it but with no hits on it it attacked. It looked at us and jumped at me as soon as we made eye contact. I ran like hell. It was right behind me and we ran to the stairs of the eifel tower, it was time to test my endurence, i would look back and see it chasing me down , Behind me i heard shouts in french and in english, I threw my cigarette at the monster and it lit up like a christmas tree, It still kept a steady stride twards me. At the top i was cornered by the flamming monster. Judgement, It lunged and i ducked, it flew over me and fell down the long fall till it didnt move anymore. It was finnaly over. I felt relieved, i pulled out another cigarette and lit it up. i layed on the floor for a while until the completely wiped police na my friends came up. I felt myself fade. i woke up in a hospital bed, the nurse next to me said i was suffering from a tramatic experience and needed some sleep. I didnt care i got up and went looking for my friends, I found Vj outside sleeping next to yuri and Gina. THe next day we left to a hotel and stayed in paris for a week before we had to go home, back to the motherland, good ol' russia. Sidenotes: Vj went on to live his life as he used to, did bad at everything. Yuri moved a week after we retured and we never heard from him again. Gina stayed and got over chris' death and started to return to normal. I never felt the same, I kept smoking knewing it would kill me eventually, after seeing hell or something like it i was still pretty paranoid. everyone else who survived was givin therapy and their lives retured to normal at least we thought so. END

Preview of House of Hell 2 Apocalypse

10 years after the incident in moscow, Pipes from hell opend all over the world, a war against hell began, Gina and I moved together to the United states and joined the air force. We were feeling edgy on our first bombing run together, we had been a team ever sice the moscow incedint, we promissed we would stay together, but this was personal, a battle that would be on land sea and air, and maybe even Hell.

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