Your angry words and screaming voice
Resoundind in my head
Your Not good enough thats all you've ever said
I'll try harder, it was my best,I will,I promise I'm just me
Thats what i always say but you refuse to listen
all you do is mock and critizise
I'll never talk about the pain you cause but its forever in my eyes
Not that you notice or even care
And if you want if you still love me you can look and it will be there

All You do is screech and yell like you've always done
Before I never let my veil drop but today if fell
Thats it I cant take this I cant handle it anymore
I have to go get away i run for that door
Where do you think your going, you snap
I freeze, Oh just to walk for bit i'll be back
No you don't you stupid girl, you have alot to do you spit
Get your ass back here, you have the dishes,laundry,vacume,sweep,cook and....
OH you little bitch dont you give me that look!
You slap me hard and i fall to the floor
The rest of the day seems still
When these things happen I pretend that nothings real
I'll never be as smart as him or as athlethic as her
But for once I wish you would here my jokes
and appreciate my sense of humor
But you Wont, You never will

I Hate those words and voices
I have to end this
A gun perhaps or maybe a knife
No thats too big of a mess
But wait I got it
I go to the kitchen, Grab the pills
You know that ones in the cabinet above the bills
Your not home now probably with the friends you were supposed to meet
Good I throw on my jacket and shoes snatch up a pad and pen
Out the door i run down the street
I don't stop until i reatch my favorite spot
I take my pen in hand jot down a sorry note to My freinds
The ones i love and will never see again
I take out the little jaged pills swallow them all
In minuets my world starts to spin
And to the ground I fall
My breathing slows, thers no turning back
Its finally over my sight goes black

Now that I'm gone i bet you wish you acted different
Said some loving things you actually ment
But of course now its much too late
Don't worry just to ease your mind
I forgive you because I'm just a person of that kind
So sleep peaceful now little one let your body rest
Just always remember it was all for the best