He Loved Me Enough To . . .

By writerforever

He's always there for me when I am in need.

He is the best friend I could ever have. I have friends who say they are my best friends but often times they leave me when the hard times come. But He never leaves me. No matter how hard times get He is always by my side. He is there holding my hand even through the fire and storms.

He even carries me through the storms and troubles that I face in this world.

He loves me despite who I am and how imperfect I am. He loves me more than anyone else could or does.

He is my light in darkness.

He is my hope in times of despair.

He comforts me when I am sad.

He holds my hand when I am afraid.

He never deserts me nor leaves me despite the wrong decisions I make.

He loved me enough that He took the beating I deserved.

He loved me enough to wear the crown of thorns that should have been pressed down upon my head.

He loved me enough that He took the mocking and ridiculing that should have been done to me.

He loved me enough that He carried the cross that I should have carried.

He loved me enough that He let them nail Him to a cross.

He loved me enough that He died for me.

He died so I could live.

He loved me even though I didn't love Him.

He is the greatest friend I will ever have.