Authors Note: My first non-haiku poem. Don't be fooled by the beginning. It's angst……I think…..

Roses bloom and

The birds sing their song

To the new summer day

Children laughing

Parents watching

yet a lone girl stands there

Admiring nature's beauty

She is trying to find peace and hope

In this world of never-ending nightmares

A world where we must suffer

A world of never-ending nightmares

As she stands there she gives her life

To silver daggers to receive

Her silent death and freedom

Pleasure runs through her body as

The warm summer rays of the sun go against her skin

while wind plays with her hair

She waltzs with death while smelling

The blood covered roses

She wishes the moment could last forever….

She drinks sweet nectars of life

as she slowly embraces the summer sun

letting fate to decide what to do with her

clouds passing by

birds flying by

tick tock tick tock

time is running out for her

smiling she falls down to the ground

remembering all her memories of life

wondering what there is after death

letting fate decide what to do with her

She lays on the ground

now in eternal sleep

roses and blood her sweet-smelling bed

summer days and nights just passing by

people mourn

nature cries

but the little girl is happy

teardrops fall

rain pours

but the little girl still smiles

Clouds pass by

birds fly by

Tick tock tick tock

Time has run out for her

Blissful summer days.....