A/N- This is just a short story I felt like writing. I still don't know how many chapters I'll have (but there won't be too many). The POVs in the story will be as the following: the prologue in Stryder' first person POV, the actual story in Strayder' third person POV and the epilogue in sky and Stryder' first person POV (Not really sure about that one- we'll see).

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Full summary- They were best friends from the moment they realized both their names started with 'S'. Now they're both living together and going to the same college. Sky Simons and Stryder Ford are the ultimate guy-girl best friends for ever. They are also perfect for each other and not only for the casual sex they have when they are both single- too bad Stryder doesn't realize that. But when Sky shows interest in another guy for the first time in… well, ever- things change.

Stryder is about to learn his lesson.


A Lesson In Love For Non-Believers

Prologue- My Lesson (*Stryder*)

By Liat


I once read a saying and it goes a bit like this: 'Never do something if the risk is greater than the reward'.

But I ask you, what happens when the risk is friendship and the reward is love?

Well, I lived my life by that saying, especially my love life, and I almost lost my chance.

You see, my name is Stryder Ford. My motto was 'I'm hot and I know it'. Don't get the wrong impression, I wasn't a bad guy, really- I wasn't. I was an arrogant and full of himself guy. I had the money, the looks and the brain, not to mantion loads of charm. So why shouldn't I use and boast about everything I had going for me?

But the only thing I had that mattered was my best friend- Sky Simons, and I didn't realize it until it was almost too late. I thank god each and every day for her and for the fact that I was only almost too late. And that's why I'm going to tell you my story- so that you won't ever have to go through what I went through during those two crucial weeks.

I only hope that, at best, my story will serve to show people the light; At worst, it is an account of a very foolish and shallow man who learned his lesson.

This is how I, Stryder Ford, found my soul mate. Or maybe I should say, this is how I realized what she knew all along…

This is how I learned my lesson.

My lesson in love.


A/N- So that's the prologue, I hope it wasn't too confusing. I always write a prologue after I figure the whole story out and then it tends to be a bit confusing since you have to know the whole story to really get what's going on. I always get people telling me by the end of the story that they went back and re-read the prologue to finally get it.

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