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A Lesson In Love For Non-Believers

Chapter 3- Admitting It

By: Liat

Posted: 18.6.04


"Why isn't she back yet?" exclaimed Stryder to himself.

It was already 3 A.M and Sky wasn't back yet from her date with Jake. Stryder had gone to sleep with nothing on his mind but Sky and that had resulted (as it usually did) in him having some disturbingly erotic dreams that kept him sweaty and unsatisfied.

Naturally, Stryder was going out of his mind.

"It's just isn't like her to be out so late. What if something happened to her? She might have been in an accident. Or maybe that idiot- Jake lost his way. It'd be just like him,"

He thought to himself with a malicious grin, ignoring the fact that he hardly knew Jake enough to know what was 'just like him' to do.

It was always a favourite past time of Stryder'- putting down Jake- and he never missed a chance to do it.

"But what if he planned this? Maybe he had a little escapade in mind so he set a romantic trip to no where so he could have his way with her?" He knew he was being irrational: Sky was a grown woman; she could take care of herself and she wouldn't fall for any tricks, but he couldn't help it.

"If he so much as lays a hand on my Sky I swear I'll punch his face in." He was no longer alarmed to find himself calling her 'his'. At first he had to fight hard with himself in order to stop calling her 'My Sky', but now he was resigned to the fact that it just wasn't under his control.

This weird possessive feeling was slowly taking control over him and he couldn't stop it.

He also couldn't deny what that feeling was any more.

At first he had blamed it on his not trusting Jake but then The Feeling had slowly began to extend to any other human specimen with a 'y' chromosome in his genes who so much as looked at Sky…

…Meaning that every male who ever got in a 6 feet radius of Sky, including their mutual friends (It wasn't his fault Justin and Danny kept staring at her sometimes- though, they claimed they did no such thing), was in danger of suffering some severe bodily harm.

So now he had to admit to it. The Feeling was jealousy.

Yes, he admitted it! He was jealous.

He, Stryder Ford, was immensely, uncontrollably, unbelievably, not to mention unreasonably jealous for Sky Simons.

And that was exactly what he was feeling in that precise moment in time, while pacing endlessly in front of the door, muttering all sorts of obscenities that were definitely *not* PG rated.

That and concern of course. Let us not forget that noble feeling.

He wouldn't even entertain the thought that she might be out there, staying late, of her own free will. He couldn't believe that Sky would choose to stay with Jake when she knew Stryder was waiting for her at home. That would only mean one thing- she preferred Jake's company to Stryder'; and that was simply unacceptable.

Sky did not sleep around! That was clear to him.

Stryder knew for certain that Sky hadn't yet slept with Jake and he hated to think that this precise night was going to be their first time.

He slammed his fist down on the coffee table as an uneasy feeling, accompanied with a wave of that infamous uncontrollable jealousy, swept over him.

He just couldn't imagine Sky in the arms of another man- kissing him, hugging him, making love to him just as she had with Stryder not three months ago. It was completely unbearable, that.

The thought itself made him sick and Stryder suddenly realized that he had never seen Sky kiss another man before. He had seen her *with* other men but never showing any PDAs.

Just as he began to ponder that peculiar fact and tried to figure out how it had escaped him all that time, he heard a key turn in the lock.

Stryder turned around just in time to see Sky close the door while trying to push her hair from her face. It looked rather wind blown and as if someone ran his hands through it many times (he hoped it wasn't Jake while in a make out session) but other than that she looked none the worse for the wear.

She didn't even notice him there so he waited without making a sound as she put down her purse and took off her shoes before he pounced.

A million things ran across his head as he walked toward her. He was going to yell at her, then he was going to strangle her, then he was going to make sure she was all right and *then* he was going to kill Jake. No questions asked- shoot first, ask later.

But as she turned and finally noticed him approaching her menacingly she looked so beautiful and tempting and desirable that all his planning flew out the window and he ended up grabbing her shoulders and crashing his lips down upon hers.

It was heaven on earth. Heaven in a pair of delicious lips. Sky was shocked at first and didn't respond to his advances but as he teased the corner of her lips with his tongue she complied and opened her mouth under his.

Stryder' kiss wasn't gentle. It was insistent and full of the pent up passion he had had to hide these past few months. He broke away from her lips to breathe and she moaned in protest.

Stryder began trailing kisses along her face and neck, it was so long since he had had her and he just wanted to kiss every last amazing inch of her body. Sky moaned again, the sound making him groan, and grabbed the front of his shirt.

"God, I was so worried." he told her as her leaned his forehead against hers. She looked at him in confusion but before she could speak he captured her lips again in a passionate kiss that left both of them dazed with desire.

After several more delightful minutes filled with similar activities, Sky's knees gave under her but Stryder caught her and lifted her off her feet princess style. He took her to the couch while she planted open mouthed kisses on his bare chest (which had been exposed earlier when she had taken off his shirt rather hurriedly) and laid her gently on it.

Stryder straightened out and smiled down at her. Sky was his, he realized, and no one could convince him otherwise.

"I've missed you," he told her, watching her with a tender gaze.

"I've only been gone half the night." Sky said innocently, so innocently that he had to laugh. She gave him a seductive grin that had him rethinking his previous notion and then she took off her shirt, which left his throat feeling quite dry.

And as she stretched out her arms to him, beckoning him to her, he realized another thing-

He was Sky's, and nothing could ever change that.


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