Letter To An Angel

Claimer: These are my characters, so no stealing whatsoever.

* Sounds like you need something.*

" Cosmo." Raven's sobs were harsh, short, stabbing pain through Mira's heart as she heard her father in the night.

* I reached out to touch him, but instead of colliding with that smooth, glowing shoulder, my hand went through him, and at that moment, I knew it was true. I was gone from this plane.*

" I know you can't see me, or feel me, but trust me, I am here."

* My voice echoed throughout the room like I had spoken underwater, but his head slowly turned towards me and I knew that not all was lost. *

Raven remembered the times that they had laid together on the bed that he now cried on. They hadn't spoken to each other at all, just touched and held on. Cosmo would put his hand over my heart and make shadow puppets on the wall from the glow of my body. Raven thought as he wiped away his tears, brushing his hair from his face. And I remember the times when I would go into the woods to get away from everything, even him. I ran, and he chased me, and I realized that I couldn't run from him.
" I wish you were here, Cosmo." Raven sighed, speaking as if his dead lover really was in the room. " I'm just so tired of being alone. Come back, please."

* It hurts to think that he doesn't realize that I'm here, right next to him, holding my hand together because I know that I can't touch him. But the dawn is drawing near and I have to leave him, even though I don't want to. I lean down and kiss his smooth forehead, running my hands over his cerulean and ebon hair.*

" I hope you know I'll come back."

* I said it, and this time it was clear, as if there had been smoke in the room before and this time it had cleared. I think he might have heard me, because then and there with myself staring into his beastial yellow eyes, I saw something in him change.*

" And then I will hold you in my arms, until I know that you've stopped crying and are safely sleeping."

* I sighed and stepped away from him.*

" Please don't cry because of me. I can't bear it, love."

* He stood, looking straight at me. His hand shot out and captured mine, holding me this time. He couldn't see me, yet. Raven pulled me to him, enfolding me in his arms, nuzzling my ear and whimpering in happiness. I knew what I had to do. *

" I love you, Raven."

* I kissed his lips and felt the familiar pulsing light that had always happened when he kissed, when I was alive. Before I knew it, I was soft, yeilding, pliable. But it was better than that. I was real. *

" I love you, Cosmo." Raven sighed, running hands down my back until he encountered the joints where I had gained my wings. " Cosmo, my love, my angel."