Claimer: I own all and anybody who appears in this. It's an idea for Monica's comic, Sanity Unkown.

I crept into Monica's room, barefoot as I stepped over piles of clothes and the occasional notebook. After careful months of planning and self-training, I had deemed myself finally able to evade any of the traps that Monica may have planted. Monica was out at a Gamestorm meeting, and no one else in the house came near her room unless accopmanied by her.

I put my fingers lightly on the doorknob, staring at the white pained door, daring it to throw something at me. My lips turned up in a smile as I grasped the knob tightly, turned it, and pulled the door open. I jumped back a step, bringing up the small metal pot lid that I had brought along and was rewarded with the sound of metal on metal. Darts that were obviously meant for skin instead of steel fell to the ground, harmless unless I was careless and stepped on them. I waited a full five minutes and then stepped forwards, the pot lid still raised in case there was anything else. But there wasn't. I was safe.

Lowering the lid, I looked around in the dark closet, my eyes adjusting to the dimness as I searched for the thing that I had come for. Ah ha! There it was! The ambrosia to complete my outfit for the day: Monica's fishnet body suit.

I approached it slowly, turning on the night vision in my glasses to make sure there weren't any trip laser lines and when I found none, I reached up to take the hanger off the rack.

Bad idea.

Ribbons and ropes from all around encircled me, binding my hands and feet, moving with an almost snake-like grace as they stripped me of my weapons; the pot lid and the belt of small throwing knives around my waist. The removal of the belt entailed to my pants falling off, seeing as the belt was the only thing holding them up. Monica was right, I should stop wearing pants four sizes bigger than my waist, even if the legs do look cool.

" Damn!" I shouted. " I'm so screwed."

I couldn't call for help. No one came near Monica's room, even if there were cries of help coming from inside. We knew better than to interrupt Monica when she was working. The damned things had taken my knives, so I couldn't cut myself down, and even if I had, I would have fallen a long way because they had somehow lifted me up to a hieght that I didn't know the closet went to. But then again, it was Monica's room. Some pretty strange things happen in here.

I wiggled, trying to get my hands loose, but it only resulted in the ropes getting tighter. ' Damn. I am so in deep shit when she comes home and finds me like this.'

I bounced around some more. Maybe if they squeezed hard enough, they would slice through my body and kill me and save Monica the trouble. I think I rathered the ropes than Monica. Ropes don't torture you. Pretty soon I was swinging from side to side, and it pained me to admit it, but it was fun. Me, having fun in the face of my impending doom. I'm so fucked up.

So here I am, bound up by countless ribbons and ropes so I look like some kind of strange pinata, with no pants, my frilly black underoos shown to the world. Something moved in the darkness. I really hoped it was just some more ribbons that had decided to join in the fun that was becoming not so fun. Something brushed itself up against the back of my thighs and my body jerked upwards, away from whatever it had been. I didn't scream, and I prided myself on that.

Clawed hands wrapped themselves around my waist, one of the only parts that the ropes hadn't bound, and I screamed, high and piteous. Glowing red eyes, slanted and dark, appeared in front of my face in the darkness and I wailed.

" Monicaaaaaaa!" I struggled against the bonds, thrashing with strength that I had thought was gone. It's wonderful what adreneline does for you. " Heeeelp!"

The thing tightened its hold on my waist and stopped my thrashing. A low laugh rose up from its throat and I could see teeth glistening in the darkness. I screamed again, just a primal sound of fear. I kicked my legs, what little I could.

" Monica! I swear I won't ever get into your closet again!" I was babbling now, tears running down my face. " I won't ever go into your room unless you're with me. I promise! I swear it! I swear on the fact that I don't want to get eaten by whatever the fuck this thing is, just get it away from me and I'll do whatever you want me to. Monicaaaaaah!"

I had shut my eyes, and suddenly the hands around my waist disappeared and light shone red through my eyelids. I opened them slowly to see Monica standing there in the door of her closet, looking down at me with her arms crossed over her chest and a strange smile on her face. She bent down to me, myself still wrapped in the ropes. She was going to hit me, I could see it. It would be an easy shot, so I closed my eyes and straightened my shoulders, readying myself for the blow.

But it never came.

" Are you going to keep your promise?" Monica asked me softly, almost sounding like my mother when she's sorry for me.

I nodded my head, tasting tears leaking into my mouth.

" Are you going to sneak into my room again?"

" No." I sobbed, hanging my head like a child that's been caught with her hand in the cookie jar after she was told that she couldn't have any more.

" All right then." She tapped a code out on the ropes and they let go of me, slithering back into the darkness from whence they had come from.

" Here."

She handed me a blue robe, and I recognized it as mine from the bathroom. I grabbed it, needing something mine, something safe. Monica whistled and the pot lid and the knives came to us on ribbons.

" They can have them." I said, wiping my nose on my sleeve, glaring at the things that had failed to protect me.

" Not the lid." Monica said in a voice of steel. " That's my best one."

The ribbons let her have the lid, but pulled the knives away fast. I stuck my tongue out at the darkness and the fishnet suit that I had tried to steal. " I hate you." I said to the darkness, jerking back in fear as a ribbon taunted me, coming back out and curling towards me.

" Get me outta here!" I yelled at Monica, and ran out of her room, her laughter following me down the stairs and to my room.

I will never steal anything from Monica again, simply because you can only use that Get Out of Jail Free card once, and I knew that I had used mine.