By:Andrew Troy Keller

The word 'renewal' could be of some certain things,like for instance,renewal of a television series,renewal of a certain type of car,and in Andrew Galen's case,renewal of a romance.
One hot day in June,Andrew and his girlfriend,Wilma Serling had decided to end their relationship,and date other people.
After the break-up,Andrew had begun dating a writer of a Saturday morning cartoon series,and at first,the whole thing had gone off without a hitch.
That was until he had to visit her at work,and has discovered the secret of how well she was doing her job--She was used to walking around the office,while talking to a hand-puppet.
Wilma,on the other hand,had gotten herself a real winner--a real nice guy named Rick Dogers.
Rick was a warm and caring human being,and was willing to be the perfect human being.
There was,however,one little hitch--Rick was really a member of a heavy-metal rock band known as 'Thor's Hammer',and before he could've had a family,Rick and his bride were supposed to each other's names tatooed on each other's bodies.
But,instead of joining Rick in going through with it,Wilma said,"Thanks.But,no thanks.I would rather eat a vat filled with live king cobras,than go through all that."
Then,after both break-ups,Andrew and Wilma had celebrated some holidays with family and/or friends.
Suddenly,Christmas was over,the New Year was right around the corner,and Andrew,who had figured that he was about to spend another holiday alone,had realized that enough was enough.
So,after he had picked up the phone,Andrew had called a girl at home,and asked her to join him,at a crowded Times Square,as part of Dick Clark's New year's Rocking Eve.
Sometime later,at a crowded Times Square,everybody was rocking,rolling,and having a terrific time.
Andrew was also there,and was looking for the girl who he had invited to the party.
Then suddenly,after he had felt a light tap on his shoulder,Andrew had turned around,and smiled,for he had discovered the girl he had discovered--It was Wilma,and she was pleased that he had called.
And then,as soon as the clock had struck midnight,and everybody had roared,"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!",the two renewaled lovers had given each other the longest,most passionate kiss ever in the history of Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve.