My Gemini Constellation

By: Tk.T

(Note to reader: I wrote this for something at school in sixth grade. I had it published in my school's paper and well, people thought it was funny, I hope you like it. But be AWARE! This is extremely silly! I don't normally write comedies, but what the heck. The topic is about the Gemini constellation, we were supposed to write a story about it so- read and find out!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


Science 5th period

The Gemini twins, Pollux and Castor are located north of the planets, Uranus and Pluto. Uranus and Pluto were found because of these clusters of stars. My version of the twins is going to be a little different because to me, this constellation reminds me of something else.

Bonzo and Glump were twin brothers that lived on mountain Olympus with Zeus. Bonzo was the eldest brother by two hours, and Glump was the youngest brother. The two brothers were known far and wide across the immortal nation for their funny jokes and tricks. These two brothers were professional clowns. All day and night they would sit around telling pointless jokes to Zeus and his godly buddies. Since these two jokers were so good at making Zeus laugh, they became the ultimate jokers. No one dared to try and make the mighty Zeus laugh because he would only laugh at Bonzo and Glump's jokes. Many jealous clowns would try to assassinate the two brothers but failed, because Zeus always protected them and stabbed people with his thunderbolts if anyone would try to hurt his clowns.

One evil little jester named Fuzzpuzz hated the twins. He would always sit in his little room and plot evil ways to kill them. He wanted to make Zeus laugh; he wanted to be known far and wide across Mountain Olympus for his jokes, and his tricks. He wanted to have his name written on important statues and his own private room. He wanted to have free meals and tons of beautiful girlfriends too! So he sat in the corner of his room scheming evil plans that would demolish the prosperous brothers. The only reason he truly hated the brothers was because of the beautiful goddess, Takeisha. Takeisha was beautiful, and she was girlfriend of Glump. All of the men on Mountain Olympus would try to win her over, but she was a loyal person, and she had her heart set on Glump.

One warm sunny day, Fuzzpuzz came up with his ultimate plan to destroy his rivals. He had finally come up with a scheme after one hundred years of planning.

"It is now time to put my plan to work," giggled the evil clown with glee. Fuzzpuzz ran into the garden where Takeisha usually gardened and tended the flowers. He knew that she would come around to her daily spot and water the eternal rose bush by the stream.

Fuzzpuzz waited and waited, and soon around evening the beautiful goddess rode into the garden on a soft misty cloud and she began to water the rose bush. Takeisha didn't know he was there, and when the time was right, Fuzzpuzz grabbed Takeisha and rode away on his donkey to the desert. The goddess tried to escape, but Fuzzpuzz tied her to a pole and gagged her.

Once Bonzo and Glump heard about this, they told the mighty Zeus and he came up with an idea.

"We shall have a tournament! Whoever wins, gets to have the lovely Takeisha," he declared.

The next day, all of the clowns far and wide gathered in Zeus's courtroom and waited eagerly for the contest to begin. The clown who told the best joke would claim Takeisha from her prison in the lonely desert. Fuzzpuzz showed up and the tournament began!

For hours and hours Bonzo and Glump told their best jokes, and Fuzzpuzz did the same. Bonzo told riddles and Glump told funny stories and poems. Feeling tired and outnumbered, Fuzzpuzz bounded away into the darkness and jumped on his donkey to steal away Takeisha. Glump was furious that Fuzzpuzz would cheat and try to take his Takeisha away from him. He jumped on his brave horse and galloped into the desert after Fuzzpuzz.

Fuzzpuzz seized Takeisha's arm and dragged her to his donkey so they could escape from Glump, but the angry goddess took out her club and started bashing out Fuzzpuzz's brains. When Glump finally go to the desert, Takeisha had beaten the evil clown unconscious. Glump took out his sword and chopped off Fuzzpuzz's head killing the foolish jester. After the evil man was dead, Glump rode back to his waiting brother and Zeus.

Zeus decided to put Bonzo and Glump into the stars forever so everyone would know the famous champions of the tournament. Takeisha named the new image in the sky, 'Gemini,' for short. Forever and ever the people of Olympus still remember the brave tournament and the killing of Fuzzpuzz.