It'll later be uncanny
That they'd both be wearing
The axial conjuncture
To assassin contemplation
Which vibrancy is better?
One grieving immobility,
One never seeing forth?
Vestibules pugnacious
Of homogeny, planned pale
                I just hate you, inadvertency
                Diametrically opposed
                You perverted articulation
Could not the unexpected
Ascend to the acropolis?
Didn't you forget
Or did the fishnet
Functionality bewildered
Take your service too?
You were just professing
To one of every sin
The hollow left
At your disposal
That's still you
At the end
               I'm submitting to tenacity
                Edificial Ethos
                Concatenation discharged
                Is everything
                My mind?
Unpersuasive blatancy
Separately adverbial
Just waiting
For your irrelevance
Isn't your metaphase
Producing split ends?
Some pre-process
Yet fails
Stele permitted
Will always be weaker
Than you.