Summer of 1997
It all started in the spring when my "parents" didn't pay the
electric bill and so the electric company cut of all the electricity
in the house, of course. Becky was out with her husband Chris, who is
David's older brother. Davis is my best friend, who is also my
I on the other hand have to gather up candles for light, while
waiting for David to come over with the comic that we created for our
Art Project that is half of our whole grade for this semester.
Okay, here is some of the background history on David and I.
David and I have been real good friends for a while but now that we're
in art class together and we sit right next to each other we're
talking more and more and even expressing our true feelings for each
other though our paintings. If you have ever seen one of his
paintings and then look at one of my own, you can tell that he's more
into details then I am. Don't take me wrong I do put in details but
not quite as much as David does.
For the first couple of months when we decided to take our
friendship up to another level we decided to keep it a secret so that
his mother wouldn't yell and beat up on him. He's been through so
much hell because she put him through it. I can't stand to see him at
times when he comes into school and we meet each other in the morning
and he's wearing the same clothes that he wore yesterday because he
had no where to go but my house that night. I can remember a few times
when the same thing happened to Chris, the only thing different was
that Chris would sleep at the shop where he worked. He still works
there and loves it.