A/N: This goes out to a dear friend of mine who just started cutting
yesterday. I try to tell her that cutting won't solve her problems, but she
doesn't believe me and says I'm a hypocrite since I cut myself. But, she
doesn't realize that I know exactly what she's going through . . . I know
how hard life's going to turn if she continues on the path of a self-
mutilator . . . if only she would see . . .


A Cut

A cut doesn't mean relief
It won't give you fame
It will fill your heart with sorrow
You'll shun your face in shame

A cut doesn't help the problem
It doesn't make life disappear
It won't fight back the storm
The sky won't be clear

A cut will bring you nothing
Nothing but heartache
It won't mend your broken wings
It'll only make your heart break

A cut will make you bleed
You'll feel suddenly better, yes
But, it won't last long
You'll start to soon regress

You say I don't understand
"I know nothing about you"
But, honey, look at my arms
I have scars on them too