A tired-eyed dreamer lingers;
Curled in the corner,
Lost in an oyster,
She's drinking down regrets in streams.
All she wants is to be found.
She's helplessly hollow,
With thoughts full to burst;
A mine full of passion,
And a tongue stuck for words.
All she wants is to be found.
Lost in thoughts that won't think clear,
Drowning in oceans of doubt and fear.
And all she needs is someone to adore,
Someone she's dreamt of, that won't ignore.
She just needs to be found.
But this dark-eyed drifter just can't hold on,
When promises around just feel like a con.
She has to find and be found.
And November's just one month too many,
When the fall has failed to let you fly.
And like a leaf turned liquid, she breathes a sigh.