"My Dear Pharoah" by Ice Trivia

A/N: I wrote this for creative Writing I hope you like it! err as for disclaimer its mine all mine MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem ok....

Outside it was bare and hot. The dry heat reached the Palace courtyard where the great pharoah of upper Eygpt was conversing with his loyal friend, Kiei, and his most trusted general, General Hurama. Kiei was a short but lean man with crazy black hair and redish eyes, and General Hurama was taller than both the Pharoah and Kiei and had long lucious red hair and emerald eyes. It was bright out but there was no sun. The only light that threw itself to the earth was comming from the great pharoah, Rakami. He stood as tall as a tree and as lean as a cheetah with light spewing each which way while the three friends disscuss. They talked about personal intrests and any topic that they wished. Eventually the topic of the war with lower Eygpt toppled to the surface with a loud splash.

"So great Pharoah which of the great lands will I and my army be swiping next?" General Hurama asked.

Kiei scowled at the taller man, "We should be watching our backsides with them lower Eygyptians hanging about! Not conquering second rate territories." Looking thoughfully at the empty sky, Rakami spoke up "When the moon rises ten times, we will venture to lower Eygpt but we will talk, no violence is needed," "But my friend it is to water in ten new moons. Everyone will be busy cultivating and what about the army mens wifes and our wifes, surely they can not cultavate!" Kiei informed him,

"I understand well enough," Rakami responded. He was about to speak more when his loyal servant ran quickly towards the three. He was out of breath and he looked as if he aged ten years in two minutes. "My dear Pharoah!" he panted "The guards just informed us that the army of lower Eygpt is gaining foot towards the palace!"

Rakami's brown eyes lowered to the ground. They were filled with much wisdom and grief. He then ordered General Hurama to retreive his army. Hurama, yes sir's, and sprinted to retrieve his army. Rakami, Kiei, and the servant aproached the front gates. Their eyes met with a smal but powerful army heading towards the castle. About five hundred men returned with General Hurama. The small ferocious army was generaled by a man named General Barasu a cunning and ruthless man.

"Hurama when do you suspect they'll reach us?" Kiei asked the taller man, Hurama closed his brilliant emerald eyes. Reopening them he responded in a small voice "When the light is at it's brigtest"

They waited for what seemingly was an eternity in the unbearable heat. Sweat poured greedily down each mens face like the nile flows durring water season. No words were spoken and not one sound was made. When General Barasu's army was in close range Rakami ordered the servant to go back inside the castle and for all the servants to take refudge in the basement. They were close.

"Get ready to charge!" General Barsu shouted like a great buffalo. The pharaoh's eyes dialated a bit as he ran foward a few steps.

"No! Please no blood shed!" His features panicked.

And that was the last anybody ever said before rabid battle cries rang around the desert. It was babaric. Bodies were sprawled everywhere, some were spattered with blood and others were painted with sweat. Dehidration killed off most of the participants. General Hurama barked orders to his men. In denial, Rakami ran from one man to the next not caring if the man belonged to Hurama or Barasu. He tried to help only find them all dead. The battle ragged fiercly into the night. The light that usually was present with Rakami faded to almost nothingness.

Killing a man, Kiei ran, trieng to find his old friend, Rakami. He could run faster than anybody he ever knew. In the middle of all this childish battle stood Rakami, as brave and tall as ever. A blinding gold light hurted Kiei and Hurama's eyes as they tried to look at the form of their pharaoh.

"Master Rakami!" the two men shouted over the chaos. A pair of rich brown eyes and a deep voice pierced through the golden lights.

Never give intot he darkness it told them. Then the eyes leisurley closed. As quickly as the light had come it dispearsed, leaving two bodies where the light use to be. The first body, stump and fat but took the stance of somebody that had done something to earn a cookie. The second body laid messily on the sain grained ground, blood spilled out of a cut that embedded into the bodies back by a small dagger. The small tool had killed the great pharaoh of upper Eygpt. As soon as Rakami had died the world plunged into a forever darkness. General Barasu's unfeeling eyes scanned up and down the carcase and the kick it roughly sending the poor body a few feet away. General Barasu left with his men.

Kiei and Hurama stumbled towards the fallen pharoah. "My dear Pharaoh," They said together. Sitting the the dark they silently cried for the friend they had lost on the last day of light. At Rakami's burial, everyone was lined against a small pathway that was paved to enter the pyramid. Towards the entrance stood Hurama, Kiei, Barasu, and the new pharaoh of upper Eygpt. As the loyal servants reached the depressed men, they stopped to let a few last words be spoken. The day had just started but it was dark and it has been dark since that day.

"My childhood friend," Kiei bowed," I hope our paths cross again and I wish you a wounderful afterlife that involves none of the foolish blood shed," It was Hurama's turn to speak, "Rakami, sun god, without you the world is dark. But we will try till the end of our race to never let the dark consume us. We, the people of upper Eygpt wish to see you soon."

When he had concluded his farewells the servants continued their journey into the pyramid. The whole of upper Egypt prayed for Rakami, the sun god. Not to soon later the servants returned to the outside world, yet somehow it was darker outside than it was in the pyramid. The door closed and chanted a few incantations a purplish light appeared at the crevices of the door. Permanetly sealing the pharoah's body forever. Though it was prooven hard to see due to the consuming darkness everyone had pools of tears forming at their feet, save for Barasu and the new pharaoh.

People started to leave but was stopped by yet another blinding light. The light held the comparrision to Rakami's light that always seemed to follow him. Hurama and Kiei swung their heads towards the sky. Eyes widened many of the townsmen gasped at what met their eyes. In the empty sky blazed a monsterous ball of light that fended off the darkness. The sun brightened the world and gave it a new light of hope.

"My dear pharaoh, you have returned to us!" Hurama said softly in a disbelieving tone. Bodies threw themselves to the ground bowing to the new source of light. Each day the battle between good and evil, dark and light, sun and moon rage on. There was hope, for each day when the sun set it was guarenteed the sun would rise again for a fresh light of hope.