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A small, petite, rather. . . ahem, blessed girl sat on the hood of her car, legs crossed under her, as she attempted to draw the building infront of her.

"I am never going to be an architect with this crap." She said angrily at herself, crumbling up the attempt and throwing it in a nearby garbage can.

She looked up to the building again and tucked back a piece of stray hair and bit on her pencil. With only a glance in the other direction, she saw a pack of guys loudly talking as they walked down the sidewalk.

In a feeble attempt to not be noticed, she averted her eyes from the building and began to draw. She sucked in a breath as they came nearer and willed her eyes not to stray.

She heard one of them say something about her and then the sound of footsteps coming nearer. When they stopped abruptly, she unconciously looked up to find one of them smirking at her.

"Nice wheels," he said in a most derogatory way.

She fought back the urge to scowl at him and very calmly said, "They came with the car,"

The guys behind him let out a dull "oooooh" and he glared at her, taking a step forward.

She recoiled as best she could and tried not to show her fear, she'd read about these types of situations, they wouldn't hurt her in broad daylight, would they?

She saw another guy come out of a nearby store and she felt her stomach turn. What was going to happen to her? She watched him for a moment, he didn't look like he would be friends with the guys, he was taller and certainty skinner than the rest. Not a football player, she was guessing.

"Oh get out of here Kyle," he sighed, walking up to him.

The one she assumed was Kyle looked to the guy and shrugged, continuing his way down the sidewalk, the rest of his friends at his heels.

"Sorry about that," he said apologetically, "Kyle's one of the local goons, normally a good, thick stick will keep him away."

Besides the fact that she felt rather faint, she laughed slightly and nodded. "Thanks," she said simply.

He smiled and ran his hand through his short, curly, black hair rather nervously.

"I'm Heather, by the way," she smiled.

He looked lost for a moment, "Oh, yeah, I'm Brendan," he said, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly.

They looked at each other for a moment before Brendan snapped his head back to the store he had came from. "Listen, I have to go back and help my mom, nice meeting you though."

She smiled at him and nodded, "You too, thanks for saving me,"

"All in a day's work," he said cockily and turned around, going back into the store.


I let out a breath I hadn't realized I had been holding as I entered my Mom's store again. That must had to have been one of the scariest moments of my life! Those guys had to have been twice my size, each! Even though I knew Kyle, I wasn't sure it'd turn out ok for me.

Not to mention that girl, Heather. I have always been awful at talking to girls, 'cept Chela I guess, but she doesn't really count, she's Robbie's anyways.

I grinned to myself, her and Robbie, what a couple that made - and it had taken forver for them to finally get back together, and when it finally happened, I don't think even Ryan could disagree - they really were perfect for each other.

I looked out the window to find her still sitting there on her car and almost jumped out of my skin when my Mom touched me on the shoulder.

"Brendan, calm down," she said looking amused, "What was that about?"

"Kyle and his buddies were harassing people again," I shrugged.

She raised an eyebrow at me, "Ok, well can you wash the windows?" She asked holding out a bottle of windex expectantly.

I groaned and took the bottle from her, "Inside and outside," she added before walking away.

I grabbed a roll of paper towels and started on the inside, every once and a while, my eyes straying to where Heather still sat, obviously absourbed in something by the way she kept her head low.

She was small, but she had to be tough to stand up to Kyle and his goons like that. I'd heard all of it, and I had to admit, she was a quick thinker.

I wondered if she'd ever talk to me again, most girls didn't. Though, I hadn't saved many from Kyle, maybe that would be a helpful thing to have under my belt. I could imagine it now. . .

"Oh Brendan! You're my hero!"

I chuckled to myself and wiped the last bit of the window down. I picked up the roll of paper towels and the bottle of windex and went outside. I tried not to look at her but my eyes kept wandering over to where she sat.

I snapped my head back to where the windex was dripping down the window and told myself to be strong. I could do this.

When I was almost done, I found myself watching her again, and I didn't know Chela and Robbie were near me until Robbie looked over my shoulder.

"What are you looking at?" He asked and I jumped making a large squeaking sound on the glass. I cringed and didn't look over to where Heather sat.

Robbie looked annoyed but Chela had a knowing gaze past me. "What's her name?"

"Heather," I mumbled, throwing a quick glance to where she, thankfully, still sat undisturbed. "I save her from Kyle,"

Chela grinned, she'd vowed to find me a girlfriend almost two months ago, and I could tell by the gleam in her eye what she was thinking.

"No way," I said simply.

She pouted, "Come on Brendan! She's perfect for you!"

"You don't even know her!" I countered and shoved them into my mom's store, paranoid that Heather would overhear.

"Robbie, thinks you should ask her too, don't you Robbie?" Chela asked, looking up to her boyfriend. When he hesitated she narrowed her glance, "Don't you, Robbie?" She asked again icily.

He nodded quickly, "Yeah,"

I rolled my eyes at Rotang's horrible will power but looked over to where Heather was hopefully. "I can't," I said shaking my head in defeat.

Chela looked over me, standing on her tiptoes, to look at Heather again. "You know, I think I've seen her before, but where . . ." she sat in thought for a moment while Robbie and I exchanged glances.

"Ah ha!" She cried, "She was in my trig class last semester! Heather Downs! I'm going to go talk to her,"

And before I could protest she was out of the store and walking towards Heather. Honestly, that girl was a handful. I looked at Robbie who was watching the event with a smile on his face and threw my hands up in defeat, maybe Chela could do some good.


"Hi, Heather?" Chela asked as she approached her.

Heather looked up startled and watched Chela for a moment, "Don't I know you?"

Chela nodded, smiling, "From Trig class last semester, Mr. Roberts?"

"Oh yeah!" Heather smiled, "What are you doing here?"

Chela looked around her, "I live here, you?"

"I'm visiting my aunt for the summer, I live about an hour away." Heather answered.

Chela looked thoughtful but nodded, that would work. "So, you're going into architecture, right?"

Heather nodded, "I'm practicing here, I'll probally have to come back tomorrow to finish though," she sighed.

Chela considered this and looked back to where Brendan and Robbie were, "Ok, well nice seeing you again. It probally won't be the last time," she smiled.

Heather smiled also, "You too,"

Chela turned on her heel and went back into Mrs. Leonard's store.

"She's coming back tomorrow, you better talk to her." She said simply and took Robbie by the arm, "C'mon Rotang, let's go get some lunch.

The next afternoon, Heather drove up back to her spot again, looking up at the building infront of her in distaste. Nevertheless, she grabbed her pad and pencil and sat back on top of the warm hood of her car.

She happened to glance down at the base of the store and found a large sign with her name scribbled on it.

She jumped off her car and retrieved the note that read:

"Here's a stick to keep you safe, one hard hit over the head should do it. You can hide in my mom's store if the police come after you.


She smiled and looked at the stick that was under the note and turned to face the store she had seen Brendan go in the day before.

She was slightly weary, she didn't altogether trust guys anymore, but he seemed sweet.

She smiled, "Maybe I should give him a chance."