Two Wild Hearts

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Wednesday,February the 11th,2991,that a bored Star Corps officer named Jennifer Lawrence has suddenly realized that she was being bored out of her mind,for she had been serving as a communications officer aboard a starship known as the USS Argonaut for far too long.

But that was before she has been granted shore leave and gone to the planet of pleasure known as Eroson,where she had suddenly bumped into another Star Corps officer named Todd Norwood,who was also on shore leave.

And after they had looked into each other's eyes and saw that they were looking at someone who might possibly be their one true love,both Jennifer and Todd had agreed that they've had enough of being a Star Corps officer and decided to not return to their ships.

Instead,they had discarded their Star Corps uniforms,borded a small salvage vessel and zoomed away from the planet of pleasure and to parts unknown.

As a matter of fact,even the entire Star Corps fleet had no idea where to find the two wild hearts.

But that was until a year later,when a Star Corps research vessel known as the USS William Shatner has discovered an old fashioned log cabin on an Earth like and uninhabited planet,complete with a man,a woman and a little baby girl.

And as soon as the crew of the USS Argonaut had finally set foot on the planet,it became clear that Jennifer wasn't bored anymore.