A fire burns slowly in my home, warming my skin and shedding light around the area. Soft drumming met my ear, and a tear came to my eye. The sounds reminded me of facts I long since wished were untrue. Quickly I wipped the near tears from my eyes. Tears would not help anyone, especially the ones I loved enough to die for. Standing up, I threw on my skins, grabbed my riffle, and headed to meet the rest of my tribe.

Blasing fire met my eyes, almost blinding me. The drums now sounded unhindered, sounds of way, of anger, and of revenge. Long ago the white man came to our lands. My fathers welcomed open armed to our lands, sharing peacefully. Yet this peace was shattered by the white man. Betraying my people, taking our land, and killing everyone in their paths. Now is our time to strike back and take the lands which are rights ours.

Paint drawn across my skin, I take a final look around my village. Looking at my wife, and young daughter, I saw the tears my dear Hepona tryed to fight back. She had never looked so beautiful as she did that night. Black hair flowed around Hepona's body like the river overtaking the banks which hot it in. These sights burned into my mind, for I would see them again. Osceola, my darling daughter, ran to me and wrapped her tiny arms around my right leg. Picking her up, and giving her a long hug, I whispered in her ear, "Be brave my little mustang. Run fast, do as your mother tells you, and never stop trying." Putting her down slowly, Osceola walked away quickly without a word, and her eyes to the ground.

Shouts flooded through the air, the time had come for me to take back the land my fathers had lived on. The flow of the great spirits ran through my body, giving me a spark of energy. Almost uncontrolably I let ot a yell in chrous with my brothers. Jumping onto my mustang, I signaled the time to leave. No man hesitated to join my example, even though every eye stared for a longer look. For none expected to return to these lands after this day. This was the last time any of us would see these streams, these trees, our families, and our homes. All we could hope was that our childern would live on.

Tearing my eyes away from all these sights I let out a shout and rode toward the awaiting enemies. Echoing shouts came from behind me as I heard my brothers quickly catching my pace and riding along side me. From the distance I heard desperate yell, recognizing the voice as Osceola's, I looked back to see her running after the riders shouting at me. "I will father," I made ot from her tiny lips. Every force in my body wished to return to her, but I forced my eyes back front and rode on.