The great sun had rose high into the sky. Our enemies lay not to far from us now. Kicking my mustang, I picked up speed, wishing to reach the battle. Smoke over the near trees, we were getting close now. Blood flowed hot in my body, the trees thinned, and I could see the outline of a white man's hut. With a shout, I broke into the clearing. Bullets fired everywhere, attacking all that stood infront of our charge. Shouts were all I could hear, but my eyes darted all about. Where were they? There was no one here. Pulling my mustang to a stop, my eyes searched for any sign of movement.

No one was there, not a single person. All that stood were tents, remains of fires long since washed away. Where was the enemy we had come to challenge? Was this a trap? "Spread out, kill anyone you find. Report back to me all you find," I shouted to my brothers. Scattering about the camp we searched for anysight of the ones we saught. Minutes passed by, there was no one.

"Come quickly!" I heard a shout come from a far tent. Running out of this tent with a fist full of papers, a warrior came straight towards me. "Sir, I found these in this tent, I could not read them, but I thought they might help us." Turning over the paper in my hand, I struggled to make out the words of the white man. One word caught my eyes, village.

Pure terror ran down my spine. Visions of my village of Hepona and Osceola. "Quickly brothers! Back to the village!" I shouted, jumping onto my mustang, and taking off a full gallop. We had to get back to the village before, something... Shaking my head I forced the thoughts from my mind. We would make it back before anything happened. Kicking my mustang, I tryed to pick up more speed.

Nearing the village, smoke was all I could see. All the thoughts I had had been forcing rushed into my mind. With a shout I hurried the pace of the ride. What seemed like the longest distance in my life finally passed, and we reached the village. What met my eyes would haunt me for the rest of my life. Blood covered the ground, smoke clouded the air, and the smell of death reaked. My brothers and I looked on with hooror. They had killed everything, everyone. "Search for survivors," I said softly. Slowly my men dismounted, scattering about with little hope of finding much more than a dog still alive.

Time began to pass, and the odds of anyone being alive became less and less. "Start buring the dead," I told my brothers, "take care to not disgrace the bodies. Honor their spirits." Heads low, they began to bury the ones they loved. We had left to fight the white man, so our childern could live on. Yet the devils came and killed all we were fighting for. They'd slaughtered them all. The women, the childern, the elders, they didn't care, all of them gone. Footsteps behind me, caught my attention. Turning toward the footsteps my eyes narrowed at the sight they met. My little Osceola, dripping with water, skin turned blue, she looked as if she were sleeping. Taking her in my arms, I held her to my cheat. Tears began to flow from my eyes as I moved the hair out of her gentle face. As the tears came I gripped my only daughter's body tightly in my arms.

Rage now replaced my tears. Drums of war echoed in my ears, yet I was the only one who could hear them. Every part of my body screamed for revenge. There was nothing left for me to live for, but the desire to rip the heart out of every last white devil.

Letting out a war cry, I jumped onto my mustang and rode off, riffle in hand. No sence was left in me, all I could think of was death, the death of the white man. Coming to a clearing my eyes scanned for direction. The stump of horses' hooves settled now that my brother's had caught up with me.

A sound caught my ear. The sound of hoove on ground. The sound of my enemies fleeing like cowards. Violent rage filled me again, and off I raced, casing the white man down like the devils they are. My eyes started to make out figures now. Closer and closer I drew, revenge, I could taste it.

Finally my eyes began to focus on the riders in front of me. Seconds later I could make out clothes, skin color, hats, and even hair. Screams flowed from my mouth, and resounding screams from my brothers engulfed me. I saw a devil turn towards us, riffle in his hand. A puff of smoke floated upwards, and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. My head grew light, my vision slipped away from me. Falling backwards off my mustang, my world became darkness....