Falling through an infinite abyss...

I awoke with a start on my bedroom floor tangled in blankets after falling off. "Nightmare." I muttered.

My dog came over and licked my face. I lived in a small house in the country, alone. As I came awake I suddenly noticed that everything was bathed in a strange red glow. I dressed quickly and ran outside.

In the yard before my house was a massive red portal, how it was made I had no clue. Orange-yellow lighting moved though it, as it pulsated between red and yellow. It streched nine feet up and five wide.

As I watched, dumbstruck, three black dots appreared within, and as they neared and grew to a human shape, I realized this was a tunnel, a wormhole of sorts, though I could only see the entrance.

They would have reminded me of ninjas were it not for their faces. Three people, dressed in black cloth and leather from head to toe, including a tight fitting hood that completely covered the head, lunged at me and began to pull me towards the tunnel.

I struggled.

Punching, kicking and swearing as best I could but no use. One held each arm and one the legs and they walked me into the tunnel. Soon we were zooming down though a glowing red, lighting streaked tunnel, my home long out of sight. The horrifying, seemingly faceless attackers said nothing. They didn't make a single sound. The gravity was odd. A gentle pull towards wherever we were going

The grip on my right wrist seemed to lessen. I took advantage of it and pulled hard. My arm came free and I punched the one holding my other arm. He released and I swung in the other direction, hitting the first. Both fell slightly away and I turned my attention to the last. He released my legs and I brought them to my stomach then kicked out, striking him in the chest.

Suddenly one of them gave me a shove and I fell away from the three and towards the edge of the tunnel. I went right through and was falling...

Falling through an infinite dark, an abyss. I looked up and could see the tunnel moving as far as I could see in either direction.

It was getting smaller and smaller... soon it would be gone from sight as I fell...

I fell to my bedroom floor tangled in blankets. "Some nightmare." I muttered.

My dog came to lick my face and it was then that I noticed everything was bathed in a strange red glow.