From Two Universes


Meet the twins: Liz and Matt Kennedy. Matt: the lovable and popular half; and Liz: the, well, not so lovable and popular half. Meet Jake Carter: Matt's best friend and the most loved guy at Reese Mount High. The guy every girl would die for… except Liz.

The truth finds its way to the hearts of this reclusive anti-social hermit and the crude and the most selfish jock of them all.

This is a tale of love being found all over again in the most unexpected places and at the last minute, it's never too late for them to realize just how important the other is…right?

A/N: OH HO HO!! hehe…guess who's back since like…'04?!? Why its meeee, funky peaches formally known as living dead or you know…just nat would suffice. Anyway, to mark the changes this past year, dramatic ones believe me, I have decided to unearth this shameful story and be diligent enough to work at it and EDIT THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING!

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Matt's P.O.V


Insert a loud crash and/or bang and/or shatter and/or really any other explosion that would illustrate her – yet again – throwing another sharp projectile at my head.

'Her' fondly refers to my alter-ego. Actually no, not quite. She's my sister. Who happens to be fifteen minutes older than myself and has remarkably distinctive features likening to my own. I suppose, in laymen's terms, we'd be classified as twins. Trust me, that term of endearment doesn't exactly come as a compliment, to either of us really.



…My God, what a temper.

"OK! I GOT IT LIZ! SHEESH! I'm sor-…"

"Ugh...just leave. And STOP LAUGHING!"

I laughed in her face once more, just you know, for kicks, but at the sight of the dangerous reddening colour that was quickly infiltrating her facial features, I ran out. Once I was safely out of Liz's hearing range, I let out a long breath and started, well, uproariously laughing. I must admit, the sight of a seventeen year old, brown haired and blue eyed male laughing to himself really is unpleasant.

I suppose you could say that my innards were twisting into knots from the over exertion of my abdominal muscles.

I have never seen such a sight before so truly hilarious and black-mail worthy. Since I needed to get out of the house for morning practice by 6 am, I had to bring my sister along and thinking that she was still sleeping, I had decided to wake her myself.

Low and behold, what do you know, I walk in and there she is, underwear clad staring at herself in her full length vanity mirror, pouting and talking to herself and then proceeding to, with a brush up to her mouth, sing and dance like a freaking pogo stick along to one of her crap "power pop" upbeat songs.

She looked ridiculous, and at first she didn't see me, but after awhile I really couldn't contain my laughter and let out a snort and started raucously laughing. I hadn't seen so much energy and exuberance from the – up until now – limp and emotionless anti-social vegetable of a twin.

Needless to say, said twin, whipped around and turned a deep red, blushing to the roots of her dark hair. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, she acquainted me with the back of her brush.

My sister was screaming and yelling, and it amazed me as to why our mother had turned a deaf ear and decided to go about her morning routine. Thankfully, I was smart enough to leave when I saw how angry she really was. Or maybe she was just embarrassed. Really couldn't tell.

After the laughing-alone interlude of mine had subsided into a slight chuckle, I headed downstairs to wait for Liz and hope that she'd forgive me for embarrassing her like that.

Ahh, there comes the she-neanderthal, what with her thundering down the stairs in such said manner.

I looked up slightly and in my crackling voice (from laughter, believe me) I choked out, "Still angry?"


There you go.

I grabbed some toast, and some extra for Liz later on, knowing full well that she wouldn't want to eat at a time like this.

I smirked slightly upon hearing a mumbled and incoherent thanks from Liz and was promptly ushered out the door, I suppose before our dearest mother, the breakfast Nazi (Liz's sentiments and words exactly, not mine), would round on us. I actually rather like being fed copious amounts of food.


Oops, I shrugged half-heartedly in Liz's general direction and stood a bit back just to release myself from her death grip. My collar was chafing. How uncomfortable.

Our mother, Amalia was staring straight at Liz. Those pretty, crystal clear cerulean eyes of our mother's were burning holes into either side Liz's already flushed face. I could feel the heat from the glare rebounding off Liz's face onto mine.

"We have some toast mom, its good enough."

"GOOD ENOUGH? I will not suffice for a 'good enough' breakfast. You both will sit down and have a proper meal. God knows Liz, you need it. You're as skinny as my cousin Mildred."

I snorted at this and started chuckling. AUNT MILDRED? Ha. The old bat's practically decay. Still obviously quite angry at me, Liz punched me in the arm and, embarrassingly enough, received a yelp from me. Damn Liz and that iron fist. AND she's a girl too.

"But-but-but, I can't eat! It's so early, and it's the first day of school. Look, LOOK! I have this nasty red rash forming on my arms, because of it. I don't want to throw up at school! Sheesh."

She continued whining while my mother and I just raised our eyebrows at her. A rash? Over school?

Now that's just weird.

However, I registered the look of ungainly sickness in my sister's expression and I, being the imaginary trophy-prized winner of "twin brother of the year", finally realised that Liz might not exactly like all this breakfast torment (again, her words, not mine). So I decided to rescue her from the wrath of our truly insane mother, being the gallant hero that I am.

Of course, Matt. You keep telling yourself that.

"Mom, really, on any other day, you can boss us around about having a sit down breakfast but if we don't leave, like, now, I will be late for practice and you know you don't want your baby boy getting detention."

That should do it. Or should have, until my loving sister decided to put in her two cents worth:

"Yeah right. Because where else would he be off to at freaking 6 am in the freaking morning. Honestly." (She snorted here) "And you're asking him to waste my precious time with your dilly-dallying about with breakfast."

Ahh…well-timed there, sister dear. We were waiting for another mean-spirited and sarcastic remark, directed once again at our darling mother.

Mom immediately shut up with her incessant psycho babble about calcium and growing bones and how breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and within that instant, almost looked hurt. But as quick as that, she turned around to give us – or at least trying to, in Liz's case – both a sloppy kiss on the cheek, leaving behind imprints of red lipstick, all the while shoving various fruits and more toast into my open palms. She then shooed us out with a hurried, "Bye! Love you, my pumpkins! Have fun today!" Liz glared at the food in my hands and openly made a disgusted face along with the necessary throwing-up gestures. I hope mom didn't see that.

We both turned to our brand-new, spanking beauty of a car. The luxurious silver Mercedes was given to us both as a joint 18th birthday present from our grandparents. Albeit, I was the only twin who could drive, since Liz had decided against getting a license after a week of disastrous driving lessons she had received from me.

Believe me, if you were ever caught dead with Liz driving, well, you might as well be dead. Or you probably will end up dead. Literally. I've never offered to teach her ever again after that life changing – not to mention scarring – incident, and I suppose that's why she's stuck, three times a week, waking up at the ungodly hour of 5 am and going to school with me for my early morning football practice.

I feel sort of guilty and, well, sorry for Liz, but perhaps more so for myself, especially after having to sit and suffer a moody and tired Liz in the early hours. But hey, what can I do? Teach her to drive and let her make her own way to school? I don't think so. Two words can only come to my mind at such a notion: road kill.

Even though, technically, the car belonged to both of us, Liz really couldn't complain about trying to claim complete ownership of it. I am rather the more…erm, shall we say, socially dependant of it, and therefore should rightfully claim it as my own. "Wouldn't want you damaging such a beauty, now would we?" I remembered saying to Liz on the day we had received our Mercedes, or as I would like to call it, my baby girl, Taylor.

I mean, that's understandable right? Apart from my sister, I don't have any other special girl in my life. So why shouldn't I lavish my attention on Taylor? It's quite sad.

It's quite sad knowing that one's romance life is so non-existent and at a stand-still that one must find companionship in one's own car, seeing as how one has a reclusive dork of a sister. But then there is always the beautiful girl who seems to think one doesn't even exist and sadly one is left to pine and rot away from the consequently heartbreaking case of unrequited love.

THAT'S RIGHT, LINA. HUH? DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS YOU…BITCH? I mean…oh, what the hell, she is a bitch. The nerve of her to reject me. Even if I've never approached her or talked to her for the last two years of knowing each other as "corridor acquaintances". But there was this one time that she dropped some of her books and, you know, being the great guy that I am, I helped her. But the mere fact that she's never talked to me is enough to be classified as rejection.

Jake's right. I'm hopelessly in love with a girl who doesn't even know I exist. Stupid girl she is, and the shame is, is that it's more of my loss than hers.

Girls. You'd think having a sister would help a guy like me understand the complex and twisted mind of a female's. Sadly, they still don't make any sense to the point that I've even considered the other option.

Liz's P.O.V

As I clambered into Taylor and buckled in, I decided that to save myself from further embarrassment and to be continually ridiculed by Matt's taunting reminders of this morning's mortifying events (which I have no doubt will be here to haunt me for as long as I live under the same roof as the asshole) I would shut up and try my best to ignore him and his "best friend" who always caught a lift with us for morning practice. God knows why though, I mean, he's a rich son of a bitch. Can't he afford to drive his oh-so-expensive "European-imported sports convertible"? Pfft.

"Liz, we're going to swing by Jake's, alright?"

No. It wasn't alright. But who was I to refute my brother? He's the almighty King Kong with his own empire and population of adoring worshippers to boot.



Oh, right. He was picking up that stupid…buffoon.

Eurgh, I've even run out of expletives to call him.

I simply nodded in affirmative with a sort of smirk in response. Now would be the right time to just keep my lips sealed. I knew for a fact that if I opened my mouth and said something stupid, he would find a way to insult me. Again.

I heard Matt sigh next to me. I knew that he knew that I wasn't going to say anymore than I already had, since I really did hate socializing in general, and I especially hated having to even acknowledge the egomaniac that my brother hangs out with so often.

He simply tuned the radio to my favourite station and drove out of the driveway. A silent agreement was made: he wouldn't ask me to tell him anything that I didn't want to say. See? The 'twin mental logic' does work.

As we sat there in silence, I mentally groaned to myself...

Great. Another new year of school. Oh, and him, yet again, after 3 glorious months of not having to see him, he will once again sit behind me making my life a living hell. Can't freaking wait. And you wonder why I'm allergic to school. I can never eat or sleep with the knowledge that school is about to start and I'd begun to break out in nasty red rashes!


I need allergy shots or pills or SOMETHING. Give me the damn drugs! I want to get medicated! Maybe then I could sleep my way through senior year at school.

As Matt silently reversed out of the driveway, I smirked to myself, remembering when I tried reversing. Instead of actually trying to get the car onto the street, I had managed to run over the letter box and skid sideways onto the front lawn. Pathetic, really.

Needless to say, after 24 parking tickets, a hell of a lot of cussing on Matt's behalf, a run in with some insane truckies on the freeways and more yelling from the parentals, I'd finally realised that driving was really not my, ahh…forte.

What can I say…oops?

And you know what really sets me off, apart from HIM and driving? People. Yes, I hate this human race to which I unfortunately am apparently a part of. However, keep in mind that I am evidently apart of the higher class (intellectually) of this race.

Which is probably why I decided all those years ago to go all Ice Queen on the rest of the world and pout as if all of humanity had done me wrong, which, in retrospect, it has. It has failed to provide my genius mind any source of intellectual challenge in the idiots I call my fellow human peers. Gee, I sound like some extra-terrestial being. I may as well be, I guess.

I mean, Matt's always telling me that I simply come across as being a spoilt, mean brat. And I suppose all of this stems back to what those morons at Reese Mount High say. He's their Messiah and sadly has to deal to their "gossip". Oh well, I don't care if I don't like people or that I lack human communication skills. I mean, whatever I lack in socializing, I make up in my ingenuity. Poor Matt, musn't be easy having to deal with such a heavy load such as myself. But hey, I never asked to be bred by the same mother and father. Sadly, there's no chance of us being linked only by our mother's split-egg-that-was-incubated-in-her-uterus-for-approximately-9-months, since you know, being twins and all. Ha. Pity isn't it? Having different fathers would certainly make complete sense to me.

But back to my bitching about this failed human race. Oh! How could I forget? The oh-so-desirable male population of Reese Mount. As far as I'm concerned those conceited and uncouth pigs can go kiss my sorry ass goodbye. Actually, I wouldn't want them kissing any part of me. Because then, you know, have you ever met my fork? Yeah, I don't think I need another suspension.

And I understand that they have their male needs and their sexual tendencies, but please, couldn't they try be more original? "Hey, I forgot my phone number, so can I have yours?" HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE? Let alone have the ability to make me swoon and gush. Sadly, most of the females at Reese Mount do exactly that. And here I shake my head in dismay.

Or maybe: HEY, if they shoot you a "lopsided silly grin" you're guaranteed a winner. I don't even know what a lopsided grin looks like. I mean, if your mouth is contorted in such a manner, it wouldn't be attractive would it?

And ok, so I'll admit, I'm freaking hot and I know it. I mean, my twin brother is considered in today's pop culture as 'hot' so obviously I wouldn't be unfortunate looking or even plain in the slightest. So what? I'm not about to go flaunt it by all means nor am I going to deny that I'm blessed with desirable phenotype characteristics and blush whenever someone calls me pretty and pretend that I'm ugly just for the sake of scraping out some compliments and go "Nooooo, really?? Frumpy old me, wearing this old thing?? Aww you're too sweet!"

Now that's just stupid – modesty is way overrated. So yes, it's been established that I know I'm freaking hot and sadly, so does everyone else with a pair of eyes around me. Too bad that includes those slobbering nervous wrecks whom I like to call lapdogs or BOYS. Note that I did not call them guys, but rather boys, because that's what most of them still are, at least, mentally. Granted, most were luckily saved by puberty and the social awareness of drugs, sex and booze, so physically, I suppose, they've caught up.

But do they really have to come up to me and start touching me and trying to seduce me? Seriously, no guy can possibly be that brave or perverted enough to come up against me and my weapons, albeit, such said weapons are limited to inflicting lasting pain or damage. But, hey, whatever works.

I don't really sound like a welcoming person, do I? Oh well, anti-socialism is going to be the next fad as it is, just like being a nerd is considered as the paramount of cool. Pfft. The faux pocket protectors are so pretentious. Poor hardcore asian nerds. Their image is being ripped off! I wish I were a part of their hardcore crew. But even they, the nerds of the school, have disdainfully rejected me. Oh, the painful woes of being a loser.

We rolled to a stop to pick up Jake Carter. He's Matt's best friend. Enough said really.

Matt honked on the horn a few times, until I started rolling my eyes at a rather tall guy with messed up black hair, strutting his way to our car – with some big breasted, caked-up chick clinging onto his arm and tottering as fast as her high inch heels could take her. Ugh, that's just degrading and disgusting. I can just see it now: THE SUPERIOR HUMAN RACE DOOMED. I suppose Jake would always be Jake, the resident conceited lady's man, who always had an air of cool confidence around him and a new girl fawning over him every alternate week.

As they stepped into the car, I snorted, turned away and faced the side window. I think I finally recognized who Jake's snobby and surprisingly not as brainless but very materialistic 'flavour of the week' queen was. I think this week's pet is called Becky. I'm actually not really sure. Like I care, anyway.

"Hey, bro. Becky," Matt said, giving them both a brief nod.


"Heeey, Mattie babe." And the slut – I mean, babe – then proceeded to giggle. What the…? She sounded more like a horse to me.

I physically cringed at her whinnying. Was she always that annoying? I couldn't remember. They were all the same to me.

"How was France?"


I inserted another derisive snort there. How ungrateful and spoilt. The bastard gets to go to France and then calls it BORING? I really wanted to deck him in the head. Jake then turned to me and cocked an eyebrow.

"Good morning, Elizabeth."

My stomach suddenly started squelching and I felt knots in the pit. No, not in the good-and-romantic-I-think-I've-met-the-one way. Rather, he made me feel sick-in-the-stomach-to-the-point-of-vomiting…and I haven't even eaten yet – thankfully. I hated that saccharine, pretentious and snobby act he puts on. Pfft. Good morning my freaking hot ass.

"Shove it. Please, Matt, just drive."

After a long awkward silence, Matt decided to break it with what I can only describe as pure TORTURE.

"Jake, so you know what Liz was doing this morning…"

A look of absolute horror made its way to my face as I listened to what Matt was about to say.

No. No. No. NOOOOO!! Matt!! Don't tell him!! PLEASE!! Don't say anything!!

I tried to send my panicking urgent messages, telepathically by our "twin connection" but to no avail: sometimes the line of telepathy can sometimes be disturbed by interference from another impeding force. Most usually that force is my twin's brain pumping more testosterone into his already hormone-driven body.

Oooh…I am so going to enjoy castrating the evil traitor.

I no longer have a brother.


In the midst of my internal turmoil and frustration with the fact that my buffoon of a brother didn't in fact receive my neurological messages, I had started balling my fists out of habit. I could also start to feel one of my palms twitch. Ugh. I'm a disgrace, even to myself. Just having to hear that all over again. Why am I such a retarded fool?

Finished yet, Mattie dear? I don't know what's worse. Actually feeling humiliated, or knowing that Jake knows I feel that way and therefore having some leverage on me. I sunk deeper into my chair, now positive that I was crimson red and shook my head in my hands, groaning repeatedly. This was mortifying. Simply a nightmare coming true.

Fine. Go ahead and mock me all you want. I don't care!

Yeah, you heard me…I don't care!!

Hum…ok, ok, ok…


Heh. So much for not caring, you idiot. Now he knows I do care. Ugh.

Seriously though, words really cannot describe my frustration and anger at the moment. And words are my life! My God. I've become illiterate. I can't believe Matt would do that. I mean, what happened to being a nicer, more caring and attentive twin. It was one of his New Year's resolutions…and the fact that we're well into the year, and he having not shown any signs whatsoever of being this allegedly good brother, just goes to show exactly what he'll be getting for Christmas. I'll give you a clue. It's lumpy and black.

Eurgh. I knew it. I knew it. I should've asked to be adopted all those years ago. Or maybe look into my family's genealogy. I mean, Matt and I don't look 'that' similar. Maybe there's hope yet that we're not from the same father. YES! I mean, I sure as hell wouldn't put it past our mother.

How dare Matt embarrass me like that, and to Jake no less! Where was his sense of morality or sibling loyalty? If we're even siblings in the first place, I might add. Yes, I'm sticking with the 'I'm adopted' story. Most kids would be mortified to find out that they're adopted. Me? I'd be overjoyed, that's for sure.

Matt shot me an apologetic smile sideways, but I really could not care whether he was sorry or not, so I just turned my head away and seethed…and fumed… and pouted. So wah-wah-baby is me. Big deal.

It actually disgusts me how, I don't know…hmm…fake Matt could be. I mean, noone forced him to tell Jake about my morning routine, so why the hell does he go and laugh outright with Jake and then turn and try to apologise to me, when really it's all his fault. Pft. Like one measly 'apologetic smile' can make me forgive him. Eurgh. No wonder he and Jackass – oops, I meant Jake – are 'best friends'. And just after 'apologising' to me, he goes and continues talking to his 'best friend'. Pft. And you ask why I don't believe a word he or Jake says.

Ha. Jackass-Jake. Some say – namely, Matt, because I don't know anyone else well enough – hey Liz, forgive the guy, he ain't that bad. I say: No, because when he discovered breasts and booze, he turned into a royal asshole. Without the royal. Because we wouldn't want him thinking he's some king, now would we?

I continued sitting there, growling. The morning just seemed to be getting worse. I couldn't stand it anymore and that evil cackling witch, Becky, just had to be there as well. She actually isn't that evil, despite being a popular cheerleader and all. But it was Jake! It was Jake who turned her to the devil's dark side. Grr…see? One girl at a time, that's what he's doing.

Becky opted to sit on Jake's lap. Why? I really didn't know, since there was plenty of space for both of them to sit, but then again I really didn't care, but man, I wished that she wasn't there. I suppose the steely looks I kept shooting into the rearview mirror and the grim thin line my lips were in was a dead give away that I was losing my patience, and quickly, too. Ha. Maybe Matt could pick up my obvious distaste and kick them both out. Ahh, that's what a good brother would do, since he'd be able to understand his other twin's neurological messages. But, oh no, Matt isn't quite the moulded perfect brother is he?

Jake decided to speak up then and he and Matt started talking about their vacations. Apparently Jake's family loved Paris too much to go back with him for the start of the school year and being the heartless bastards they were, they also decided against giving him the keys to his own house. I can understand why though. Aww, poor 'widdle' Jake, with no mommy and daddy. He's all alone, awww. Pft. Hands up, who knows where he's heading? Personally, I'd like to see him in some trash can or maybe the gutter…

Guess the Crowns Hotel is quite a stretch from the gutter, huh?

"How are you today, Elizabeth?"

It was an everyday 'joke' Jake carries on. He would always act stiffly polite and civil towards me, just for, you know, kicks. Eurgh. Just bend your head forward a little more and you can ask my fist how it is today. Why couldn't he just ignore me? It would be so much easier. I mean, I wouldn't have to consider anger management therapy with Matt, now.

Instead, I decided to – hopefully, incoherently – mumble in reply "What's it to you?"

DAMN. Why am I so pathetically wussy?? I don't care if Jake turns up with red hand imprints on his forehead, or in a worst case scenario, a black eye. One day, dickhead, you wait. One day, and I'll go kung fu on your ass…when you least expect me. HAI-YAH! Ooooh! Scared?

Oh well, it's an improvement though. The last time I practiced that much self control was when he asked me about my love life, or as he claimed, lack thereof. Needless to say, it took more than a couple of deep breaths to keep me from attacking him. I suppose I'm just a tad bit agro when it came to Jake.

Actually, I'm pretty agro when it comes to any guy in general. Hunh. Thank God I'm secure about my sexuality. Straight, people.

I really was getting unnerved and we still had at least 15 minutes till we reached school.

My head…it hurts, it hurts. I could feel another head splitting migraine, all from having to hear Becky and Jake 'canoodle' in the backseat.

Rolling my eyes heavenwards, I prayed that I could keep my temper in check for the remainder of the ride from hell. Because if I couldn't, then you could say bye-bye to Becky's face and say hello-hello to the shrink.

And it was still only half past 6 in the freaking morning. I groaned in pain. Damn Matt and seriously, to hell with his Neanderthal playtime. I mean, football.

Ahh, heck, I may as well plan the rest of my day in my head. Because I'm smart. Yes, indeed.

Things to do:

- Watch Jake burn and rot in heaped pile of car tyres lit by gasoline and fire (courtesy of yours truly)

- Kill brother

- Have talk with football coach in demand of a change in their training routine. (Note also about the poor girl's i.e. MY lack of sleep, not being able to eat and further resulting in having a stomach ulcer.)

- Rip out dearest Becky's vocal chords

And yeah, that should suffice for today. Not that any of that would be achieved by the end of school. The coach scares me. I'd rather commit suicide than talk to him, let alone kill off his two best players in some massacre. Eh heh. I give a whole new meaning to the title of wah-wah-sookie-sook-baby.

Jake's P.O.V

I really could not breathe under all this weight and perfume Becky was wearing. It was enough to make me hurl and choke to death at the same time. It didn't even smell nice. I looked up past Becky's shoulder and snickered at Liz.

She sat there with that stormy silent and eerie vibe, and just seethed, muttering to herself and overall amusing the daylights out of me. Ha. I knew she was insane, never had a doubt.

Becky turned around and caught my attention once more. She started to speak in what I suppose she thought was a sexy and seductive voice. To me, she just sounded like a cheap hooker with a low man's voice. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the attention and liked it even more when she started to nibble my left ear lobe. This is why I have a new girl fawning over me and hanging onto my arm by the end of each week. Ahhh, Jake can feel the love baby. Come to daddy.

But really, what's a man supposed to do if there is only one of him and one hundred other girls who all want a piece of him. Naturally, you have to share The Man around.

"Baby, you going to sit with me at lunch today?" Becky purred in that sugary voice, reminding me again of the cheap hooker thing, whilst batting her long eyelashes. She seriously looked like she was having a seizure. Her eyes were blinking at such a rapid pace that it started to scare me. I gulped and shot her my charming 1000 watt smirk, which was sure to make any sane female swoon and melt at the sight of me.

"Ugh, God. I mean, yeah sure, but maybe just for half of lunch, I need to sit with the guys as well."

Yeah, so I can feel my arm once more. Oh, and also to give my smell detectors a break. Not that the stench of sweat and cologne was any better. Maybe I should just go isolate myself.

"Great! At least I get to have some time with you..."

Yeah, to gloat to your friends how you 'got' me. Like I didn't know that. I mentally rolled my eyes and upon looking into the rear-view mirror, I saw Liz roll her eyes. Always one to publicly display her irritation, she was.

I decided that it was time to annoy her, her silence was killing me. I needed to make her psyched up and angry, just because it was ehhhh, a lot of fun. Actually, no, not really. But surely, I couldn't stop being the asshole could I? I bet she was expecting me to taunt her with another highly amusing if not immature prank.

Well, she asked for it, at least I'm pretty sure she was psychologically begging for my attention.

Since I was sitting behind her, I took a bunch of her hair and tugged at it. I know, I know...very childish and immature but it always works. And didn't I just clarify my reasons for going about such immature antics?


"I'M GOING TO FREAKING KILL YOU! ASSHOLE! Matt! Let me out of this car, and I'll freaking kung fu his skinny ass. Grrrr."

…Kung-fu my ass? She wouldn't even dare spit on me, let alone try to karate chop my ass. Who was she kidding. Loser-klutz over there? She can barely even hold herself up on her own two legs, let alone balance on one, as the other is colliding with the side of my head, hypothetically.

And she takes drama queen to a completely new level. And this was all over me pulling her hair. Heh. I knew it, she was just craving for some attention.

I rolled my eyes at the scene she was making. Matt, being the smart one, turned up the radio and tuned out her whining. Ahhh, good ol' Matt.

We rolled to a stop at a red light and by then Liz had finally shut up, albeit still pouting, making sure that everyone knew she was clearly upset. Oh whatever, go home to your mommy and cry her a river. Geez.

"My God, what a wuss..."

"Yeh, I reckon, Becks."

Except, you fuss more than her and all about a broken fingernail...even though your finger was bleeding. But still, you'd think she'd get her act together.

Matt turned around and glared at me before speeding off. I just shrugged it off, no point in getting worked up by it. Matt will get over it. He shot me a look in the rearview mirror and rushedly said, "She doesn't know…"

Ha. That's funny. Matt hasn't told her yet? Is the guy just asking for a death wish? We both knew that Liz wouldn't take the 'surprise prolonged visit' too well, which was why Matt had the whole summer vacation to talk to her about it. And what was the wench upset about again? Really, she needs to find herself some friends and stop being such a fucking pain in the ass.

I looked up and saw Matt gripping the steering wheel a bit too tightly for comfort. He started whispering to Liz, which I suppose was his way of trying to console in her and calm the she-bull down. Liz simply shot an evil icy glare rivaling those of which she gives me. Oooh, I should get out of this vehicle. I'm too young to die. Seriously, I love me and I love my life entirely too much to be killed off by some psychotic geek right now.

He nervously chuckled and started speaking softly some more. Suddenly, out of nowhere Liz screamed "STOP THE FREAKING CAR, RIGHT NOW!"

So I suppose she knows now, eh?

Matt stepped on the brakes, bringing the car to an abrupt stop with a screech. Oh good, the car stopped, now I can get out and brace myself from any impending physical damage. No, not from Liz. Pft. That girl has nothing on me, what with her wobbly sticks she calls limbs.

I meant from Matt. Now, my friends, he can be quite scary. No, not because he's the over-portective type, although actually that's true, but more so because he has anger management issues. Like, major issues. He's fucking messed up, I tell you.

Oh crap. My door was locked fast. Ahh! Let me out!! Let me out!! Please, I'll be a good boy, I promise. I furiously banged on that annoyingly-sized car handle and desperately looked out the window at those carefree pedestrians, who luckily weren't at that moment locked stuck in an enclosed vehicle with a homicidal nerd and her counterpart, though the lesser of two evils, still quite maniacal, in his own terms.

Heh. So the early morning breeze does something to the head. So what? Although right now I really would rather be watching the butterflies and the sunrise and all that shit like all those lower-level civilians do in the morning, which I always despised, rather than sitting comfortably, albeit a little freaked out, in a Mercedes.


"Yeah, well, when were you thinking of actually telling me that HE, that egomaniac, is staying at MY place?"

Well, she didn't exactly say that in such a supposedly calm and collected tone. More like raving-lunatic-on-the-loose. Oh, I just know it. I'm going to die from the likes of her. She's sadistic that one. Did I mention her fixation with voodoo dolls and pins? Not that I can talk, what with my pyrotechnics obsession and all.

"Geez Liz, this is exactly why I didn't want to tell you any earlier! I had to tell you just then, since he's moving in tomorrow."


Alright, so I thought she couldn't be any more enraged and louder than she already was. But boy, was I wrong. And I don't like being wrong. It just doesn't sit well with me. Needless to say, her voice cracked under all the pressure. Oh. I think she's going to cry now. Oh wah fucking wah, you sookie cry baby. Geez.

"Just calm down and we'll talk about it when we get to school."

"DON'T tell me to calm down and what more is there to talk about? You purposely neglected to tell me this oh-so-vital piece of information and you didn't even consult me about whether I was okay with having HIM invading my PERSONAL SANCTUARY AND SPACE."

Hey, hey, hey, tone down on the 'me me me' talk. I told you she was a selfish one. And it's not the first time today either.

Finally to cut the tension between the siblings, a pop song blared out through the radio and I cringed: it was Becky's favourite song. Right on cue, Becky screeched, bounced up and down all the while receiving a glare from Matt...and started belting out the tune. God help us.

Matt revved the engine and started driving again, leaving Liz to fume over the new arrangements. Fine by me, so long as she doesn't act upon her 'kung-fuing my ass' threats. Eh heh. That actually sounds quite kinky. Ooh.

Becky was a "great" singer, but even I couldn't stand it any longer. Evidently, neither could Liz.

Wait a second, wasn't this the very song Liz happened to be singing and dancing to this morning? Of course, according to Matt, that is. I smirked evilly, and voiced out that thought. Even Matt couldn't hold back a smile. Bad timing though, huh?

She let a huge exasperated sigh and turned to Matt and screamed, "Let me out...NOW!!!"


"Matt, I'm serious, let me out right this moment."

Yeah, Matt, you heard her, let the woman out. Besides, if she gets out, I wouldn't have to, which is perfectly fine. I don't think Becky would want to walk in those heels anyway. And I don't want to carry her either, or have to listen to her whining about her sore feet.

"No way! You're staying put, we're all dealing with her singing fine."

Yeah! If I can deal with it, so can you! Suck it up, you big baby!

Liz let out a frustrated scream and fumed. Look, I can feel your pain, but try to keep the shrieking to yourself, you banshee.

Before I knew it, Liz had taken her book-bag and had leaped over the side of the door.

Hey, wow. This can't be good. Now, watch her fall flat on her face, once again, proving that I am after all always right.

She did some sort of flip and landed on two wobbly legs upon the pavement, then promptly slipping under her two uncoordinated feet and falling butt first into a mud puddle on the side of the pavement.

See? She managed to defy the force of gravity and prove that she's a natural klutz and a source of high amusement.

"Are you alright!? LIZ! GET IN THE CAR NOW!" Matt screamed.

"NO!! I HATE YOU AND YOUR STUPID BEST FRIEND AND GOD!! HER!!" Liz screeched right back at him, whilst pointing an accusing finger at Becky.

What can I say? I know she hates me. For some unknown reason, though, I might add.

She started storming off but then abruptly turned around and stared long and hard at Matt with her steely gaze, as if egging him on to get out of the vehicle and carry her back kicking and screaming. I say to Matt, don't even bother dude. You won't be able to haul her ass back inside this car. Nor do I want you to either.

"I'm going to see if I can move to dad's while he's staying at our place then. Being with him sure as hell beats staying anywhere near you and that asshole." She said it so softly I wasn't sure if Matt heard her or not. Judging by his eyes widening and his shocked, pained expression, I'm pretty sure he did.

She should learn to be more creative. I mean, I've even lost count of how many times she's called me an asshole. It has no effect on me anymore.

Ok, so maybe I should try and say something 'comforting' to Matt. But what can I say? Good riddance? She's clearly delusional so she has no idea what she's saying? Matt sped up and drove after her, but then she slung her bag and started running. As fast as her legs could carry her, which turned out to be pretty damn fast.

Matt cursed and slowed down to a stop, turned slowly around and rested his icy glare on Becky and me.

I inwardly flinched, but then decided to match his oh-so-cold glare. Ha! Sorry bro, noone can beat me at my own game. You watch. He'll waver.


Now would be a good time. My eyes are getting watery and irritable.

Someone had obviously been practicing their glaring lately.

And he blinked! YES! I told you! Oh yeah, who's The Man!

After he looked away and I beamed in triumph – HA! – at him, he just sat there, seething and breathing heavily, as if trying to clam down and refrain from screaming at us.


Ehh...why what? Ok, so I know what he's asking for, but honestly, I really don't have a plausible answer to that without increasing the chances of his head just, you know, popping off with a POOF!

But what the heck.

"Because, her silence was killing me...?"

And then, he exploded. I guess it was the wrong answer, huh?

He boomed, "What is wrong with you, Carter? I'm so sick of having to choose between my sister and my best friend."

I snorted. Who's asking him to choose? I hardly doubt he needs to choose anyway. I mean, the mere fact that he'd invite me to stay at their house, despite knowing how much Liz hates me, just proves where his loyalty lies.

Ahh, I'm a real dickhead. Oh, great here come the nuns. No, seriously, sister! I'm no family-wrecker!

"…Did you just see what happened? She freaking jumped out of this moving car onto a dangerous road with other cars and freaking trucks speeding down towards her and she slips and falls in the mud. THAT IS NOT SOMETHING I WANT TO SEE HAPPEN TO MY OWN FREAKING SISTER. SHE COULD HAVE DIED!"

Ah well. At least she didn't die, right? That must be a plus. Though for whom, I'm still questioning.

Matt stopped his rambling, turned around abruptly, and refused to say another word. He just drove on.

Becky whispered in my ear, "What's wrong with Mattie?"

"I don't know, babe..."

"He sure is riled up, it's all that bitch's fault."

"Don't let him hear you say that." I smirked. Though, for the first time, I marvelled at Becky's insight, and again, for the first time, I agreed with her.

Yes dear, it's always that bitch's fault.

I let out a long sigh. At this rate all this teeny-bopper sibling drama and turmoil would take out all the energy in me. And Liz had better realise how spoilt and selfish she's being, for the sake of my sanity. I mean, I'm the one who'll inevitably have to deal with Matt. Cut me some slack, he's a mess. No shrink has ever been able to get through him, so what makes you think I can?

Yes, I know, again, it's always about me. I'm the selfish and spoilt one. Not Liz. And it had better stay that way. I can't take anymore of her whining.

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