I believe in sticking to what you know,
In standing up for what you think is true,
And in sticking to your morals, when those around you falter.

I believe that true love doesn't have to wait.
But when it does it is stronger than when it doesn't.

I believe in friendship, in guarding those closest to you,
So that one day they may protect you in the same way.

I believe in breaking free from stereotypes,
In being yourself until the very end,
However much this may make people dislike you.

I believe that if you are true to yourself,
You will get further than if you change who you are,
Even if others like you more as someone else.

I believe there's a deeper meaning to our lives.

I believe in love, truth and peace,
I believe that talking is better than fighting,
And above all else,
I believe in myself.