here yea hear ea all rise for the grand judge of Jupiter called the quire. come to order come to order said the judge. Now what is going here! i was called in the middle of my lunch break to come here. 11:27 AM 2/25/00 (literaly year 00) I called this meeting! said a stern voice. Oh my mandgesty i didn't know you called it. Well so what if you didn't you should be nice to any person who has a reason at all unless you were sleeping and they woke you rudly said a female/girl's voice. Well yeah but can't i worry about who called me asked the judge. yeah i guess so said the girl but time to get back to matter at hand. alright which is that? asked the judge. the matter at hand is that this person has a story to tell us said the voice. Yes your madagest but will you come forward asked the judge. yes said the voice which got lighter as it came forward. everyone bowed and the she said that her and her daughter would like to stay for the meeting. Yes Queen Julieta and Princess Jety said the judge. thank you judge Manker said Jety. Queen Julieta why is it that we have been called for a story? asked the quire. Be quiet fool said the judge. Be quiet? asked Jety. What do you mean be quiet? Oh i'm sorry your madgetseys i just ment that he should be quiet when he is in the room of royalies said the judge. fine fine be your way but quire what is it that you asked my mother? asked Jety. Thank you Jety i asked her why we are here for a story? said the quire. Well that is a very good question that you should ask my mother and so what is your name quire? asked Jety. My name is Juoe (its very fast and sounds hardly any thing like it is spelt.) said Joue. Yes anyways Joue we are here for his side of the story on the disapearnce of my brother said Jety. Your brother? so thats why he is here? asked Juoe. Yes Juoe said Julieta i'm sorry your judgeness but me daughter is very aggresive on trying to make things exual in the land of Jupiter. Thats fine anyways she is the princess and ear to the thron said Judge Manker. Well of course! but we must get back to the matter at hand said Jety. ^!^ Alright Jety have it your way said the Judge. so what exactly do you have to say person? Well first of all my name is not person its Michel said Michel. Ok