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* * * * * * * * * * * *

Soft hazel eyes gazed down on Jade. She tried to open her eyes more, to look around, but the bright white light stopped her. Her head was splitting and the light made it feel even worse. Instead she closed her eyes again, hoping to go back to sleep. Jade could feel a warm wet cloth drag across her forehead, and she could hear a soothing, but rough, manly voice whisper to her gently.

It wasn't true. It wasn't true what they said about being in that deep sleep. She had dreamt the entire time, in a sleepy, dazed oblivion. It was a sleep that was normally dreamless. Or was her unconsciousness only a false alarm of death, with her life flashing before her eyes and all? Maybe she was dying now. . . Who knew? Who cared? No one. . .

Another unanswerable question entered her mind. Where was she? Jade's head hurt too much to care. Then she drifted back into her deep, dizzy sleep, dead to the world.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jade opened her eyes groggily. Focusing them to what was unfamiliar, she pushed herself up quickly. Maybe a little too quickly, she thought as the dizzyness forced her back down on the cot. She glanced around, the blood pulsating through her veins. The room was almost bleach white except for the few spots that were cracked and peeling. Her thin sheeted bed was one of many in the row and was so narrow you could barely turn over on it. It did seem more comfortable than the ground though.

Something loomed in the corner of Jade's eyes. She jerked her head to the dark figure against the white wall. Sitting on a long legged stool was a man. Or rather that a boy. He looked young, maybe eighteen, dark brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. His face was dusted with five o clock shadow which made him look somewhat weary, but his deep eyes told differently. His clothes consisted of an old tanish shirt that looked a little too big and a pair of wornout jeans. Jade could feel the warm blush rising to her cheeks. Immediately she reprimanded herself, this guy could be damgerous to her or her friends after all.

The guy sat there silently and motionless, gazing at Jade as if the slightest movement would send her back into her deep sleep. For some reason, this struck her as funny and a warm smile spread across her face. Before Jade had a chance to hide it, he smiled back.

"Are you ok?" he suddenly broke the silence, making Jade almost jump. She fought her embarassment and tried to swallow her smile. She nodded quietly.

"You've been like this for almost a day now," he said in somewhat of a whisper, his voice smooth and gentle. "I was worried for a while that you wouldn't make it." Jade sat there confused. All she could remember was the first stirke across her face. How could she have been unconscious for this long? The guy seemed to read her mind.

"Your friends said that a drunk man struck you. When people are like that, they just can't stop," he shook his head sadly, then glanced to Jade. "You started an all out brawl," he said with a smile and slid off the stool.The young guy stepped up to her and offered out a hand.

"I'm Leidan," he smiled, his little bit of brown hair falling over his eyes. Jade smiled back and shyly held out her hand with a light shake.

"I'm Jade", she whispered with a surprisingly raspy voice. She cleared her throat and looked down at the bed. Leidan smiled to himself and sat down on the cot next to her's.

"Jade, . . . that's a beautiful name," he said as he watched Jade tuck a couple a blond strands of hair behind her ear.

"Oh, . . .um thanks, and yours too, it's uhh. . . strange," she admitted as she picked a ball of lint from the sheets. Leidan grinned , expecting this.

"Yeah that's what everyone says, it's a family name really, my grandfather's name was Leidan." A thought suddenly hit Jade's mind.

"Where are Alex and Tristan?" she said randomly. Leidan shifted on the cot and glanced to the window.

"You mean those other girls?" he asked, suddenly feeling stupid for asking that question. "Yeah, they went to get some food I think," he replied lamely. "You really need it, that's probably the reason you were asleep so long," Leidan added.

"I really can't stay here," Jade said quickly with a sidelong glance a Leidan, trying to see his reaction. In fact there was no reaction, his eyes just looked at her in a bleak shade of gray.

"I understand," he said,"But just remember, that running away from your problems won't solve them." Jade raised her head and stared at him, dumbstruck. Here he was, a stranger acting as if he knew her troubles, he didn't know half of it. For the first time since she left Mr. Ivers, Jade could feel the burning tears fill her eyes and she forced them shut.

"What else am I supposed to do?" she said angerily as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hands impatiently. Leidan looked at her with a small gleam in his eyes.

"Run as fast as you can," he smiled. Then he stood up with a sigh and seemed to slid across the room to a small table. Leidan reached over to the table and swept off a little plastic cup, then pressed the lever to a container. It screeched with displeasure and released a spurt of water. He turned to Jad and held the cup in the air as if clinking a glass against an imaginary one. The drowsy look on his face made Jade suddenly feel warm, as if she was being slowly dipped in hot water.

"Cheers," he muttered and downed the water like a shot. Leidan's hazel eyes told no lies, he was miserable.

A loud knock on the door broke Jade's thoughts. Leidan casually made his way to the door and swung it open. Tristan and Alex burst through, about knocking over Leidan in the process.

"We've got food!" Tristan announce in a sing-song voice, her face grinning. Suddenly she looked at Leidan and blushed, covering her ears with her hair self consciously. Alex felt a giddiness rise inside her, something she'd never felt before.

"Hey," he smiled,"She's doin a lot better, she seems pretty healthy besides the fact that she needs food," Leidan craned his neck to see inside the brown bag that Alex held.

"What'd ya get?" he asked. Alex pivoted on the floor and looked at him defiantly. Typical animal instincts.

"Nothing for you," she said firmly. He looked confused.

"Hey hey I wasn't gonna eat your food or anything, I was just wondering. . ." he grinned.

"Bread," Alex said expressionlessly and reached into it. She pulled a large loaf from the bag, crinkling the brown paper.

"Cost the rest of the money," she sighed wearily, letting the sad silence fill her ears. Leidan couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You mean you don't have anymore money?" There was a long silence. He reached into his pocket withdrawing a 10 dollar bill.

"Take this please, you need it more then me," he smiled as he offered it to Tristan. She shook her head instinctively, even though it would help them so much.

"Do you work here?" she asked Leidan.

"Huh? . . . yeah, well,. . .volunteer I guess. I don't need the money!" he insisted. Tristan smiled at him.

"You don't have anywhere else to go do you?" she looked at him with her piercing green eyes reading his life in his face. Leidan looked at her in surprise. The words seemed to rise in the air.

"Here I get everything I need, food and shelter. All you have is a loaf of bread,"he paused,"Please take it." Tristan smiled and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered wrapping her arms around his neck. That was the first hug that she'd ever given. That was first sign of affection that she'd ever given anyone. And on that day, she changed. Tristan's bitter outlook on life changed. There was now something to live for. Love. Not Leidan in particular. . . but the emotion itself was what Tristan had missing in her life.

Tristan leaned into the hug, parting her hair wide open, exposing her black wolf ear.

Leidan gasped and staggered back against the wall. He struggled to regain his breath. Tristan smiled again and tucked her hair behind both ears.

"Do you understand why we're running now?" she gave him a pitiful look and grinned death in the face. Leidan rubbed his face and sucked in a deep breath, his hazel eyes deeper than ever.

"But Jade doesn't have those. . ." he said unable to believe what he saw.

"Jade isn't a hybrid but our reasons for leaving are somewhat the same," Alex spoke up her eyes staring off somewhere in space.

"So you're one too?" he looked at Alex somewhat casually. Alex nodded blankly.He smiled in understanding although he still didn't comprehend exactly what was happening.

"We have to leave."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jade, ALex, Tristan and Leidan stood at the edge of town. The rain was back again. Pelting on their backs, making a tune all it's own. It almost felt good, but not in reality.

"Maybe I'll see you again Leidan," Jade said softly, tracing her fingers across her bruised cheek. Leidan smiled with his mouth but not with his eyes.

"I could come with you," he suggested, knowing in his heart that it would never happen. Jade shook her head sadly.

"No, I wouldn't want to put you or anyone else in this mess, we've got to figure it out ourselves," she whispered, the rain dripping down her face, disguising the burning tears. Leidan nodded.

"When this is all over, come back here and see me," he smiled as he draped his arm over her shoulder. Jade smiled too, but she was not happy. She looked up to Leidan and let the tears drip freely.

"Would you believe that I fell in love with you while you slept?" he looked down at her with his tender hazel eyes. Jade didn't answer, but closed her eyes and let her lips graze his. That familiar warm feeling rose inside her as she kissed him softly, letting the taste linger.

"Come back. . ." he whispered as Jade turned away from him. She looked back and smiled for the last time. Then walked down that long, endless road with Alex and Tristan following. When would this be over? How would it all end?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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