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Why did it have to be an arrow in my back, in the exact spot I couldn't reach! Of all the stupid things, goblins were supposed to be stupid, how had they known to shoot me in the back! I ran through the forest at breackneck speed, not that it did much good, it was more of a game of 'Follow the trail of blood to the dead elf.' Not one my personal favorite games to play. Especially when I was supposed to be the dead elf, and goblins didn't like losing at that game very much.

But this was better than the last game I played with the goblins, last one was 'tie a boulder to the elf, and throw her off a waterfall' All I had to say er...think about that was my teeth would never be the same again... But I was kind of curious about what goblins use for rope.... it tasted pretty good... wait, on second thought I'd rather not know what it was made of. Finding out, that they had like orc butt hair rope or something would just make me die right here, and now.

I stummbled as the second arrow pierced deep into the back of my thigh, okay great, now when they did catch me I wouldn't even be running right, I'd be forever known as the great hop along elf! Not exactly the name I wanted to be remembered by, ya know, I'd even settle for 'bitchy ugly elf' it fit me at least.

Stupid goblins, I swear if I survived this I would denounce my vegitarien ways, and bbq any goblin I saw.

I actually fell as the next arrow hit deep in my right shoulder. Okay, now I knew I was in deep, I could actually feel the hot blood running down the front of my tunic... and that was my favorite tunic too! Okay, that was the wrong time to be worrying about my clothes....

"What did I do to piss you off this time!? I said I was sorry about the whole bucket of acid on your king's head thing!" I yelled as I got back on my feet, and took off again, there was no way I would go down easy, especially not to a pack of stupid, nose picking, lil basta- Hold on, was that a horse I saw? Oh I am saved!!

For everything I was worth I ran to that horse.

"Are you alright?" came a man's voice.

Huh? Okay... now horses were talking to me... maybe I should've just played the part of the dead elf...

"Miss?" came the voice again, along with a soft thud.

Okay, hello, someone was holding me up, stupid horse it wasn't supposed to have arms... That's when I finally noticed the brown haired elvin knight I was leaning on, I was immediatly grateful that I had my hood, and mask on, didn't need to scare my help off just yet.

"Are you alirght?" he asked again.

"Oh yeah, I run through the woods with an arrow in my back, leg, and shoulder all the time. It's just absolutly lovely to feel blood running down your chest in the crisp fall air. Makes me feel invincible, don't you do that too?" I replied sarcastically, "No, I am NOT alright, first off I'm bleeding second off, a horde of goblins are heading this way and-"

I didn't get a chance to finish my rant before this elf had picked me up, hopped onto his horse, and was riding out of the forest, telling me he was going to get me some help.

I closed my eyes slowly, this guy had no clue who he was dealing...okay so I had no clue who I was dealing with either, but still! I wasn't going to let him take care of me like I was a little baby.

I'm a big girl now...