Get a smile, get a smile,
He found himself thinking.
He couldn't believe what he saw.
The girl, with her hair up nice
It never stayed that way
When he pulled the bobby pins out
She was standing at the skirt rack
Looking at clothes he would never see
Her head bowed over something possible
Her shoulder blades turned out toward him.
"I've got a problem," he admitted at the picnic table.
She put her hotdog down.
"I don't want to hurt you," he said.
She turned her cell phone off.
"It's fair, isn't it?" she glibly replied,
smirking her last at him and walking away.
For a week, he felt like he had a stomachache.
Then he remembered who was his new "problem."
Get a smile, get a smile,
Was his main occupation,
But only when he was with the girl buying a skirt.
He folded his hands behind his back
Concealing Penny's clutch purse cradled in his grip
She was around here somewhere.
He'd stride up to the girl,
Put on the goofy smile,
Lips parted and pulled back from over the teeth
Nothing could make you that happy!
She always giggled when she saw it.
He didn't say a word
He didn't make a sound
He never had a chance
One step, two steps,
She's made a decision
Turns around, holding a hanger
He stops as if slapped
His teeth disappear
He looks at her face
It's not her
The girl he knew wouldn't frown like that
The girl he leaned against in line at the movies
Would never allow someone to do that to her eye
It's brown underneath
A crescent moon fallen from Grace
Flat on its back
Can she see?
And what does she look at?
He backs up, forgetting his breath,
Penny's beaded bag falls to the floor
The girl looks up, she sees him
She looks away
She puts the skirt down
And flies from the store
Stupid, he picks up the bag
I don't know,
He thinks
Who did that? And why?
An accident? In anger?
He's scared
What did I do?
Who did she fall to?
I wouldn't do that
He says
I never would
I don't want to hurt you
I never did
Who did you find who does?