A little somethin' something for English. It's about the beaucracy, in case you couldn't tell.


With Papers In Order

tainted ink on grimy paper
stacked high on sagging desks
sliding into sweaty palms
in decks of aging white
to strain your eyes on minute letters
to sign yourself on the dotted line
and hand it back with a piece of your soul
over the desktop

the dusty hands take it and
stamp stamp it's gone
back into the pile, slotted and filed
and another page comes flitting out
form XY slash slash B twelve
and you take it to desk A to exchange it
for a D54 registration sheet
stamp slot swoosh back it goes
and you're given another pile
told to take it to department C5

so down you go
and you sign and you consent and
pour your identity onto the page
and you take it over to desk 32
who hands you a card saying
'department F16- ask for a J3 slash dot six'
and you rush upstairs and confuse
department R8 with D11
and they tell you to ask T49 for help
so you grab a C41 slash dash B12
and take it to R8, who shake their heads
and tell you that you need a GL dash dash
and a M4 dash dot slash
and two JS29-5 dash dot slash dashes
one blue
one pink
and you're to take them to department X41
along with the sheet that desk B2 should have given you
and wearily you make your way there...

only by this time someone has stolen your purse
and with it your only means of escape
so you sit on a bench
and watch the people
with their papers
all out of order.


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