By the Oceanside

The gentle glow of sunshine cascaded upon the evening sky, rays of light sparkled like glittering diamonds upon the rippling waves, the sight dazzling seabirds that soared carelessly overhead, with their calls echoing in the salty air. The cerulean sky darkened only slightly as the sun began its gradual descent, sinking slowly beyond the horizon, its glow diminishing. The placid calm spanned on and was interrupted by the rolling of waves, a continuous rhythm blending into the faint mood of the evening until it becomes apart of the eternal flow of time. Lost within the soothing tranquility of drifting sea, a girl of raven hair sat upon a bench that overlooking the seashore. Her eyes drifted absently, tracing each lapping wave as her mind sunk into reminiscence. Only at the cry of seabird passing overhead did she gather her thoughts, averting her forlorn gaze to the sky above, watching in deep thoughtfulness as the birds glided by, so strong and full of freedom, without a single worry in the world.

A gentle breeze blew by, tousling her shoulder length hair lightly as she closed her eyes, lifting her face to the wind, sighing at the pure sensation of it. Her mind wandered, pondered upon so many lost chances. One ripple, so small yet the whole stretches out further than the eyes can see. The continuous rush of the waves, keeps coming back despite all efforts to repress it, so much like the emotions you try so hard to forget, but is revived each time by a single smile. She could hear it ringing softly in her ears, the melody of each returning waves, the crush of countless emotions, drowning her with thoughts about the past.

All at once she started to wonder, why was she here? Sitting alone by the ocean side with her own feelings ebbing like the low tides. A part of her mind pretended not to know, but deep inside the reasons strained to torment her, and each neglected thought always had some way leading to one resolution and one only.

Remembering, those little things so trifling yet confusing all the same. Just one smile, or even just a simple greeting. Nothing out of the ordinary unless you gave it much more thought, but that, in someone else's opinion would be wayward. Yet, how can things be simple, when the profound meaning is so complex? Unless the cause and intention become divulged, dragged out into the light for the world to see and hear, you'll always be left in mystery.

She shook her head in exasperation, trying so hard to just forget and enjoy the sunset, but it isn't easy, not when a person feels like a windblown leaf in a raging storm. Why is life so complicated? That is the original cliché question since the beginning of time. She laughed at herself silently, laughed at the foolish ponderings that cluttered her mind and at her own attempts to dream. Oh Romeo… Where art thou Romeo? He's gone, that's what, fallen from that high stonewall in which he had to climb, breaking his neck in the process, sorry dear Juliet. He won't be coming tonight. Silly. She laughed gaily at the thought. It is just hard to understand what good could ever come from dwelling on the past, or even on events that have yet –or may never- occur.

Yet at times you just have to take the chance, follow your gut feelings and just go for it, and who knows how it will turn out. It's a blockage difficult to surmise, and so easy to go wrong, but are instincts worth trusting? A small smile spread across her face as she forcefully shoved the doubts from her mind and out of her heart, for that moment, everything was perfect. The glow beyond the offing told a story, and images flashed in her mind- A story of life, of chances, of her own faint hopes.

Life is a journey worth risks and is full of unexpected surprises. However, one thing is for certain, there will always be a brighter tomorrow.


The waves glimmered in a dream.

Lapping lazily in the setting sun.

Each gentle tide, each warm breath out into the salty air, casting its pale web of illusions...



A familiar voice called, so close. She didn't turn, but instead closed her eyes, trying hard to ignore the pounding of her heart. There was a moment of complete silence. She felt someone take a seat beside her on the bench. She felt warmth, the warmth of companionship that drove away all the gloom of loneliness when the person beside her sat. She knew all too well who it was, and who it was she wanted to be. Suddenly she felt very self-conscious of herself sitting alone by the ocean side, as if waiting for a miracle to appear out of the waters. Despite her own conflicts, the person's presence soothed her inner turmoil, it settled around her like a snug blanket on a cold night. The feeling of comfort lingered, and she, helpless and unable to resist, could only manage a noncommittal composure when she answered briskly.

"It's late." She looked down, catching a glance of her visitor out of her peripheral vision and felt an involuntary jolt. Her eyes shifted to the shimmering rays that reflected off the rolling sea, attempting to recollect her thoughts while she waited for a reply.

"Yes. It certainly is."

Gazing way, away from a foolish desire she did not dare to contemplate, even as a warm jacket was placed around her shoulders.

"Aren't you cold?"

At that moment, something within her stirred. Placing a cold hand upon the jacket she murmured softly.


She had but fully avoided eye contact up until then, she knew it was rude and insulting, even so she couldn't help but look away, her eyes would betray her thoughts and the raging emotions that threatened to overwhelm.

"It's beautiful.... Isn't it?"

"The sunset you mean?"


"It's magnificent." Her voice was unsteady. Opening her mouth to say more, but the words froze in mid-air and came out in complete silence. The person beside her cleared his throat, seemingly as lost for words as she was. After a long while, he finally broke the silence by saying.

"What are you doing out here alone?"

"Thinking." Came her one word reply.

"May I ask what?" He asked. His tone was warm and soothing, full of friendliness.

"Just... thinking." She said without answering directly, reluctant to speak. Yet the person beside her waited patiently and in silence, until she was uncomfortable with the odd quiet atmosphere and began talking uncertainly. "About… what I'm going to do with my life."

"Hmm...." She heard him say thoughtfully. "Want to talk about it?" He offered kindly.

"Well..." She said slowly, and sighed. "I just feel like there's something missing in my life. There's just this unsettling sense of premonition… like there's a black hole in my future in which I can't seem to grasp, I don't know how to explain it." She shook her head in frustration, slightly amused by her own loosened tongue. She looked away quickly, not wanting to see the possible scorn on his face.

"Is that so?" He smiled, eyes shone with attentiveness, that smile was so genuine...

She swallowed hard, wanting to turn away, but her eyes stayed gazing into his, wanting so much to believe that by looking into his eyes, the answer would appear. No such magic. "I can't," she said rather uselessly. "It's all in here." She managed a small laugh, pointed at her own head, feeling foolish. "They don't make sense, so I can't relay them to you."

His smile didn't dim like she expected it would, instead he brightened. Standing up, he held out a hand to her. "Perhaps a walk will clear it it up?" He asked blithely. She looked up at him, then at his hand for a long moment, as if unable to decide on what to do. Slowly, she placed a slightly quivering hand into his, feeling the warmth of his palm as his hand gripped her gently, pulling her to her feet.

"Come on. Moving around a bit will help. Trust me." His voice was full of sincerity, with hints of true affection. "Let's go."

Together in the evening sunset, walking only just a short distance along the sandy beach, the wind and crashing waves brought magic that she never believed was possible, or perhaps, just didn't dare to. Talking like old friends, laughing as if never before. The girl had a wide smile spread upon her face, and he, he was the only person she wanted by her side from that day on. Oblivious to the world around them, their hands linked, sharing a bond that was symbolical as well as spiritual. She heard his voice, saw his smile and was looking into his eyes.

The two of them stopped when they arrived at a sandy outcrop on the beach. At low tide there was barely any waves crashing against the overhanging rocks, only small tidal pools and plenty of bare rocks to jump across.

The girl suddenly let go of his hand and began leaping from rock to rock. Her heart felt as light as the wind that whipped her hair and she laughed in pure joy, stopping a the edge of one shallow tidal pool she turned to see him right behind her, which made her momentarily lose her footing, falling back and bumping into him. It might only been for balance had his arm slipped around her waist, yet to his surprise she rested her head against him. The two of them didn't move, until she finally turned her head and looked into his eyes once more, those eyes filled with emotions, they shone in the sunlight and glowed, there was no doubt of what she saw in them.


That smile never faded, in memory or in fantasies. Shaking her head at that thought, she couldn't help but smile. Because life is a dream made reality, although not everything is what it seems to be. Some dreams and wishes will be left unfulfilled. Her eyes were shining now, misted with the moisture in them. The sun had gone down past the horizon, the waves danced with the shadows now, but the sounds of the sea rang clearer than ever, echoing in the closing night. There was the tiniest tint of gold off in the distance; her eyes traced that gold line, following every bit as it slowly vanishes into darkness. The light is gone, but it will come again another day, brighter and clearer than ever.

She stood up from the bench, casting on last gaze to the illusion she had sprung for herself before heading back home in the dark of night, but in her heart, a light still shone.