On my wall hangs a picture,

Of a girl I once knew.

In the still frame she was happy,

Before her world turned black and blue.

Last I knew she was in a coma,

Her mind lost to all who cared.

She hadn't walked since that day in December,

When she was broken and lost forever.

Through the snow we moved to the car,

We'd been at a party slightly drunk from the bar.

A blinding light before us flashed,

I swerved away but we still crashed.

The sirens flared I can remember,

The speed us away on that day in December.

They rushed her off through the doors,

There footsteps echoing across the floors.

The white lights hanging overhead were blinding,

In the room they had me lying.

"You'll be okay," they told me softly.

Before my eyes closed and the world went dim.

"Oh please wake-up." My mom wept pleading,

I couldn't open my eyes anymore after then.

My mind slowly focused solely on the crash,

My life before then slowly fading.

Everyday I stare at a spot on my wall,

Sitting there never willing to fall I still see her.

On my wall hangs a picture,

Of a girl I once knew.

She got trapped one day in December,

Lost forever somewhere in ICU.