Morning Star

Tell me,

Fair Morning Star,

Have you ever regretted your descent?

Looked back longingly upon the times of joys,

Before you urged for your ascent?


Did it hurt,

Harsh Morning Star,

Attempting to deify yourself?

Was it the strain which brought you falling,

Flaming as you passed through the atmosphere?



Lost Morning Star,

Did you even try?

Were you not already first in the sky before the sun,

Nigh the highest jewel in the heavens?


What was it,

Bright Morning Star,

That caused your jealousy and greed?

Could you not stay content as a helper,

A friend, if one could venture.


Are you content now

Dark Morning Star?

Now that you have a whole land,

You may be a god among the damned.

Is it not what you strived for?


Tell me,

Dim Morning Star,

Do you regret your descent?

Have you ever ventured a look back

Upon the heaven which once was home?