There are not enough
Cruel names in the world
To name you for what you are
And there aren't enough
Rude gestures
To show what you have become
Believe me, I already tried
And even though I might come close
There still aren't enough
Nasty things I could do
To exact the revenge I crave
To qualm the swirling rage you evoked
Inside of me
Even if I thrashed you
Battered you repeatedly
Until you're black and blue
I still wouldn't be satisfied
Because you crossed the line
And walked right onto my fighting side
Now I see you for what you really are
A bigoted bastard who loves
To hate those who did nothing
NOTHING to harm you
You had no reason or rhyme
To your malicious crime
I guess it was just for fun
Well how much fun will it be
When I break your every bone
And leave you to die?
Come on, tell me
How much fun would that get you?
You take pleasure in hurting others
But how pleasurable will it be
When I burn you alive
Slowly enough that you live for days
In pure, hellish agony
I can assure you
That it will be so awful, so horrible
That you will be driven mad
Long before you die
You think you're a badass?
Well, guess what?
You just met your match
We'll see how bad you really are
When I make you ingest
You own beating, bleeding
Cowardly heart

*A/N*- This was in response to an anonymous (or in other words, cowardly)
person who flamed my friend. He flamed my friend because of her religion,
for no other reason than because he could. And I'm sorry, but that pisses
me off. If you really think someone's poem sucks, then fine.go ahead and
flame it. But don't go around making fun of people because of their beliefs
and telling them they should "go kill yourself" and that "everyone hates
you for good reason." And, if you're set out to be a bastard, at least be
man enough to own up to it instead of remaining anonymous.