As Dr. Patton correctly hypothesized upon entering the white circular room, the group of inmates he was meeting with would not be especially cooperative. But, not being a man to shirk from a challenge, he bravely took his seat in the circle of people, and gave them all a welcoming smile.

"Good morning, everyone," he began brightly, "thank you for joining me here. I'd like to-"

The croaking voice of an older man with unruly gray hair and strangely dull eyes interupted him.

"Who're you, again?"

Dr. Patton introduced himself and continued calmly, in the same soft tone of voice. "I'd like to start off with everyone saying their names, please, so we all will know each other."

"Son," called a tiny dark man who was sitting in a corner, "we all know each other. Most of us have been here for years. Now I think it'd be better if you said your name, and told us about yourself, before we tell you anything."

"I'm sorry, I guess you must have not heard me, sir," Dr. Patton said, "I already-"

A burly, grim-looking nurse who was guarding the door shushed him and gave him a stern look that clearly told him to just play along.

Dr. Patton nodded at the nurse, and cleared his throat quietly. "Well then, my name is Dr. Patton, I'm visiting here from the psychology department of Stanford University."
"Are you a real doctor, boy, or are you one of those greenies they always send here to run tests and junk on us?" the dark man continued.

"I am a college graduate, with a doctorate in human psychology."

The dark man seemed to accept this answer, and so Dr. Patton continued.